Wadenhoe Series 1 Quadrathon

6th November 2011


Official Results

Run Kayak Bike Run Total
Peter Lawley 19.51 39.11 58.19 11.24 2.08.45
Veronica Singleton 16.13 55.00 1.06.50 8.42 2.26.45


Veronica says this  X-C challenge Quadrathon - run-kayak-bike-run - produced two 'Firsts' for her.
Firstly it's the first time she has ever finished Last in a race -  but she made sure she finished it - despite being new to kayaking and mountain biking off road and also finding the run X-C  course quite tough. She also experienced one of the more bizzare aspects of being at the back of a race in that the course signage can start to disappear and chase you down the course and, if you start to slow down, even overtake you in a race to the finish line - which has also disappeared.
And secondly it's the first time Peter has ever beaten her in a race - which was pretty comprehensively by some 18 minutes.
It was never like this back in the desert.

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