Bedford Triathlon

Bedford Triathlon
Sunday 11th August 2019

Triathlon Cycling


Pre-Race Briefing DocumentDear Competitor,Welcome to the Bedford Triathlon Pre-Race Briefing Document.
Please take the time to read and understand the information contained in it.  You may have read hundreds of these however it is important that you understand our event requirements and that which are required by the governing bodies.

*This is a NON-Drafting Race*

Bedford Standard Distance Triathlon 
Date: 11th August 2019
Distances:  Standard Distance
Race Venue: The Embankment, Bedford, MK40 3QF
Parking: Aspects Leisure Centre, Newnham Ave, Bedford MK41 9LW
Directions: Here


  • 05:30 Car park Opens
  • 05:30 Race Day Registration Opens
  • 05:30 Transition Opens
  • 06:30 Registration Closes
  • 07:15 Transition Closes
  • 07:20 Race Brief 
  • 07:30 Waves Start
  • 12:00 (Approximate time) Prize-giving


  Wave Categories Hat Colour Start Time
Wave 1 Elite Men   07:30
Wave 2 Elite Ladies   07:35
Wave 3 Men U40 07:40
Wave 4 Ladies U40 07:45
Wave 5 Men 40+ 07:50
Wave 6 Ladies 40+ 07:55

*Race Times may vary slightly when safety determines. *

See the predicted forecast HERE

All parking is at Aspects Leisure Park, just a 10 minutes’ walk from the race start and will be signed and open from 05:30 on race day.

Registration will be open on Saturday evening from 16:00-18:00. Adjacent to the Butterfly Bridge, The Embankment, Bedford and on the morning of the event from 05:30 to 06:30.

Parking will be open from 05:30, follow the signs to registration.

Please note: NOTHING WILL BE POSTED OUT; Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to register and prepare yourselves (the races will start with or without you).

At registration you will receive a race pack, which should contain the following items:

  • 2 x stickers: one to be attached to your helmet, other to you bike handle bars or seat post, NO stickers attached to both means you will NOT be allowed in to transition.
  • 1 x race number: to be attached to your back when biking and to be attached to your front when running- race belts are advisable.  If you are not displaying a number, you will not be allowed to continue from transition.
  • 1 x timing chip and strap:  This must be attached to your LEFT ankle, No chip, no time. If you are unsure of how to attach the chip, please refer to the instructions at registration.  (Please do not lose your chip.  All lost chips will cost you £10 for a replacement)
  • Important: BTF Day race licences will need to be purchased at £5 on the day for those who are not members of the BTF.  Remember, no licence, no race (this is your insurance).

You will only be allowed into transition if you are wearing your race number as well as your bike and helmet having a corresponding number (all found in your registration pack).  Your helmet must be on your head and fastened at the entrance to transition.  Officials WILL BE checking that your helmet is correctly fitted, i.e. when fastened you should only be able to get two fingers under the strap.  Please ensure your helmet is adjusted correctly before trying to get into transition, you will be turned away if it’s not correct.  NON-Draft legal bike requirements / checks will be carried out. 


SWIM (1500m)
Swim hats will be provided and must be worn by all competitors.
Throughout the clockwise swim you should keep the Large swim buoys to your Right.
The swim route comprises 1 x 1500m lap.  You will be heading upstream on the southern side of the river towards the town bridge on the way out and downstream on the northern side on the way back to transition.  Keep to the left-hand side of the river and turn clockwise at the buoys at the turn point.  
No hand or feet coverings are allowed during the swim.  Neoprene under hats may be worn below your supplied hat.

This is a natural environment, so as you enter and exit the water take your time and be aware of slips, trips and falls.  Water quality testing has been carried out to verify the suitability of the water for swimming.  The EA confirmation is attached Insert Link
At the water exit there will be marshals to give assistance if required. A Water Safety team will be on the water for your safety.  Please abide by their directions.

If during the swim you find yourself or witness another athlete getting into difficulty, simply turn on your back and raise one arm into the air and raise a vocal alarm.  Canoeists, rescue launces and or bank rescue staff will come to your aid.  If you appear to be struggling in the swim or have been in the water for a long time you may be pulled out and this will at the discretion of the safety crews.

As the river is running water it is highly likely that wetsuits will be permitted, however if there is a heatwave raising the water temperature a non-wetsuit swim is a possibility.  (Please be aware of the BTF ruling regarding water temperature. We will update you during the week regarding the river water temperature.
You will be disqualified if found doing so.

*Note that water safety is only provided during the race itself.  Do not swim outside the swim race and allocated warm up times. *

We operate a tidy transition, please only bring essential equipment into transition, bags will not be allowed next to your bikes any left will be removed to the edge of transition.  
Bright coloured towels, talc, or any other forms of obvious position marking will be addressed by the “Transition Official” potentially resulting in time penalties for the competitor.

From the swim, run into transition and find your bike.  Remember to consider others when removing your wet suit; do not leave where it will be tripped over by your fellow competitors. (Wet suits are not allowed to hang over the racking it must be left on the floor next to your bike).  Do not touch your bike until you have put on and fastened your cycle helmet.

Run with your bike out of transition via the “Bike Out” exit.  Do not get on your bike until you cross the marked “Mount Line” Remember at this point your race number should be displayed on your back

The bike course is on open roads with no road closures, except for The Embankment, so ensure you follow the Highway Code at all times.  Look out for the event signs and marshals to keep you on the right course.  Pay particular attention on the lanes and at the junctions. It’s YOUR responsibility to know the course, do not rely on signs and marshals although it the course will be very well signed and marshalled.


Foot down Means:  Stop, Uncleat and touch one foot on the ground within the marked box. If safe to do so, you may then proceed.
NB: There are marshals present, but they will NOT help with your road safety this is your responsibility and yours alone 

On leaving transition you will turn onto The Embankment, which will be closed to traffic,

At the junction of The Embankment and Newnham Avenue, you will turn left onto Longholme Way taking extreme care as you join the carriageway.  Proceed north to the Barkers Lane roundabout and go all the way round and back onto Longholme Way. Carry in a southerly direction along Longholme Way to the Cardington Road roundabout and take the first left onto Cardington Road.

There are three sets of traffic lights on Cardington Road. At this time in the morning it unlikely that these will affect your race, however If the lights are red you MUST stop. There will be marshals at these points.

Stay straight on at the Tesco roundabout (3rd exit) and straight on at the next roundabout and follow the road over one further roundabout out to the large roundabout at the junction with the A421.  Take the fourth exit towards Cardington village and continue to the T junction in the village where you take a right turn. This is the mandatory foot down junction. Follow Southill Road out of the village up the Col du Hillfoot! and on to the T-junction at the edge of Old Warden village, where you turn right. Take extreme care at this junction!

Stay straight on this road until you reach an old railway bridge and immediately after this turn left signed Ireland.  This takes you along to another T junction where you turn left, passing the Black Horse pub on your right.  At the next junction turn right signed Shefford.  Stay straight on down the hill until you reach the T junction where you turn left into Shefford itself.

On entering Shefford, at the first roundabout take first exit towards the village of Stanford. Stay on this road and continue straight over the G&M Growers roundabout. After 2 miles take the left turn towards Northill and Hatch. Continue on to Northill and turn right just before the church towards Cople on the Bedford Road. Stay on this road into Cople, where you take a left signed Cardington, opposite the Five Bells pub and immediately before the church.

Continue into Cardington village to the Kings Arms junction where you take a right turn onto Bedford Road and progress to the A421 roundabout.  Take the second exit off the roundabout signed to Bedford Town Centre. Carry straight on across 2 further roundabouts.  At the next roundabout, take the third exit back onto Longholme Road.  Keep straight on to the left turn onto The Embankment back to transition.  Dismount before the dismount line.

This is an undulating route in places but is very fast with the right conditions. The roads are in good condition, which may mean cars go fast too, so take extra care when negotiating bends etc.  There is a sweep vehicle and motorcycles patrolling the route. If you are unable to continue with your race please inform a marshal and they will arrange a pick up, but this may take some time for them to get to you.This an open road event, please ensure you ride to the left at all times except when over taking.  Do not ride in the middle of the road.  Please treat all other road users with respect, at all times.  Abuse of any kind from competitors will not be tolerated. 
Please make sure you understand the requirements / format of NON draft legal racing CLICK HERE FOR RULES.  Ignorance is no defence.

When back at Transition, you will dismount your bike BEFORE the marked “Dismount Line” and run with your bike to the “BIKE IN” entrance, rack in the same place you removed your bike from and only then you may remove your helmet.  Run out will be at the “RUN OUT” sign.  Remember to turn your number to the front if wearing a number belt.

RUN (10km)
This is a 3-lap course, which will be well marked and marshalled. Your race number should now be displayed on your front.  Exit transition at the “RUN OUT” sign and follow the marked course (signs/ arrows/ and tapes).  Marshals will be at all turns.  Please remember the run route paths are open to the public, please be courteous.  As you near the final stages of the run please ensure you turn to go down the finish straight.  This will be marshalled.
Abuse from any competitors to marshals, officials or the public will not be tolerated.

Please do not litter the countryside with your Gel wrappers or other litter. If you can carry them full, you can carry them empty until you reach the feed station where you can dispose of them properly.

This will take place as soon as practical outside registration as results become available.


  • 1st Male / Female
  • 2nd Male / Female
  • 3rd Male / Female
  • 1st vet 40 Male / Female
  • 1st vet 50 Male / Female
  • 1st vet 60 Male / Female
  • 1st vet 70 Male / Female
  • Fastest individual legs for non-podium competitors, male/female
  • Fastest male, female and mixed relay teams

Well done you have finished the Bedford Standard Distance Triathlon
You are now entitled to a finishers medal and a memento.

There are two cafes providing refreshments, one south of the river at the boating lake, and one in Russell Park Prior to leaving the finish area can you please ensure your chip is removed and placed in the bin provided. There will be marshals to assist you with this.

Results and splits will be available as soon as you have finished your race.

All race results will be live to the internet as you cross the finish line so spectators/family can see your results instantly on their mobile devices.  
They can be found here
Results will also be posted on and the BTF website

Bike retrieval at the end of the race will only be allowed once the last cyclist has left for their run and competitors will only be allowed into transition when it’s deemed safe to do so.  Race number will be required to enter transition.

Regrettably we are not able to provide changing before the event, however we are able to provide showering and changing facilities after you have finished.  These are at the Bedford International Stadium in Barkers Lane, just across the road from the Aspects Leisure Park.

The Embankment offers plenty of space for the children and family while fellow family/friends are competing – Longholme Cafe is open all day that has food/drinks and those all-important ice creams for the kids.  The town centre is only a short walk from the race venue with shops and plenty of cafes and food outlets.  There is also a large playpark in Russell Park for the children.

The Embankment offers fantastic viewing of the Swim & Run route – you can view the whole swim from the river bank and watch as they exit the water into transition.  The bridges over the river also give a fantastic view of the swim.  Once they have completed the bike course and started the run section spectators will be able to see the runners for the whole of the run course. There is plenty of room for you to cheer competitors onto the red carpet and cross the Finish line.

Medical Water Safety will be providing first aid cover for the event.  If you are injured or witness a fellow competitor getting injured please alert your nearest marshal, who will call for assistance, there will also be marshals out on the course that are first aid trained


Bedford Harriers thank you for your support and hope to see you at our future events

The race referee’s/director’s decision is final.  Please refresh yourself with our T&C’s before racing Click HERE

Given the unpredictable nature of weather in the UK please ensure you check our web site and Facebook event page and your emails prior to the race, we hope nothing changes but we reserve the right to delay, change or even cancel the event at short notice if safety deems it necessary.
If we do have to cancel the event, there will be on reimbursement of entry fee in any circumstance.

We at Bedford Harriers hope you all have a great day and achieve your goals

Bedford Triathlon Competitors