Bedford Harriers Group Ethics


Please be advised of Bedford Harriers group ethics.

  1. Start and finish together on all sessions
  2. If you need to finish early let the group leader know that you are leaving
  3. On steady runs faster runners please run to the back of the slower runners at regular intervals (Donít wait for them to catch up, run behind them to encourage them)
  4. Faster runners wanting a more challenging steady run are asked to try the next groups up, they wonít eat you!
  5. During speed sessions run at your own pace (faster runners when finished should encourage slower runners until they have finished, or continue with speed session set until last runner has finished) Then we all warm down together
  6. Wait at traffic lights until all the group are there before we press the button
  7. At zebra crossings regroup before we reach the crossing
  8. Front-runners look out for obstacles and shout to all of group which side to move to left or right, or what the obstacle is. (Bollard, person, stump etc)
  9. High visibility tops should be worn during winter months, white or reflective clothing or bibs. (Bibs available from kit)
  10. All runners must hold a valid Bedford Harrier membership card unless in your first 4 weeks in which case please give your name and a contact number to your coach.
  11. Please endeavour not to run on cycle paths running on the right hand side where the pavement has dual use.

Your safety is paramount, if these Ethics are neglected then the group numbers will have to be minimised for safety reasons.