Are you an attached runner?


EA Membership Application Form : Individual Membership of England Athletics

Completing Race Entry Forms after 1st April 2008


Are you an attached runner?  You may think you are, purely on the basis that you are a member of Bedford Harriers AC, however changes in our sport mean that there are now 2 affiliating bodies - Association of Running Clubs (ARC) and England Athletics (EA).

Bedford Harriers has, as a CLUB, affiliated to ARC which means as long as you are a club member, you are affiliated to ARC.  Being affiliated to ARC means you can enter ARC permitted races as an attached runner.

Bedford Harriers has also, as an ORGANISATION, affiliated to EA, however all this affiliation covers is the Bedford Harriers organisation and NOT the members.  EA's membership process is that individual runners must register with them for a competition licence* to be able to run in EA permitted events.

If you affiliate individually to EA, you can enter EA permitted races as an attached runner, but if you do not, and the race is permitted by EA, you must enter as unattached.

Below are 3 documents - a letter describing the situation outlined above in more detail; a flow diagram to help you when entering races to establish whether you, as an individual can claim to be an attached runner or not, and an EA membership form.  

* Members who register with EA will each receive their own unique membership number and competition licence. It is likely that future race entry forms will ask for this number.  Despite EA's membership year being April to March, they have advised, however, that they will not be able to issue competition licences until September.