The Grizzly
14th March 2004
Official Results


Main Race (@16 miles)

Cliff Smith 2:40:53
Andy Sewell 2:41:52
Viv Kilgour 3:01:46
John Cheetham 3:03:48
Ian Kingston 3:03:48
John Durham 3:20:03
Andrea Ranson 3:46:31
Jack Chana 3:58:58
Malcolm McEwen 4:03:30

Cub's Race (@ 9 miles)

Jeanette Cheetham 1:50:58

Ten Harriers went down to Devon last weekend to run The Grizzly.  The conditions were horrendous, with gale force winds and pouring rain.  The main race was cut short by 3 miles due to the height of the waves on one section of beach.  Andrea and Jack also ran but their results are not available and donít yet appear on the website. 

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