Gt North Run
26th September2004


Official Results

  Own Time Official
Neil Lovesey 1:29:45 1:30:27  
Steve Gaunt 1:37:43 1:38:32  
Gary Denton 1:43:10 1:43:27  
Mark Francis 1:43:10 1:43:28  
Colin Gipson 1:42:51 1:47:55 pb 10 mins
Stuart Bullard 1:52:00 1:52:52  
David Herincx 1:50:39 1:52:53  
Gary Horsman 1:50:00 1:53:42  
Peter Chana 1:50:00 1:55:38  
Jack Chana 1:52:33 1:57:05  
Peter Campbell 1:54:00 -  
Rebecca Pinney 1:56:45 2:02:52  
Ian Kingston 1:57:00 -  
Lynne Gingel 1:58:21 2:01:26  
Larry Corkery 1:59:01 -  
Steve Gingell 1:59:55 2:03:02  
Jackie Dempster 2:05:00    
Steve Crane 2:02:00 2:07:42  
Theresa Cooper 2:06:45 2:10:30  
Steve Ball 2:07:00 2:11:36  
Mike Barnett 2:03:55 2:14:48  
Mick Inskip 2:12:00 2:15:38  
Keith Lakin 2:22:00 2:34:39  
Barry West 2:22:00 2:34:39  
Jane Sizer 2:24:00 2:36:28  
Val Bird 2:25:00 2:40:47  
Lesley Barnes 2:28:00 2:54:57  
Victoria Barnes 2:28:00 2:54:58  
Paul Hudson 3:03:55 3:10:15  
Angela Gallivan 2:49:00 3:11:32  
Iva Barr 3:10:00 3:21:18  

Jenny's Gt North Race Report

 Harriers Gt North Photos

On Saturday 25th September, approximately 30 Bedford Harriers, plus supporters, made the early morning start up the A1 to Newcastle. Organised by Steve and Lesley, the weekend promised to be every bit as good as last year, especially as we were to be staying in the Hilton. On Saturday afternoon, many of us watched the mile races around the Tyne. Great to see Kelly Holmes win again.

Sunday morning’s weather was perfect. A following breeze and not too hot. After dropping off the runners at the start, some of us (supporters) went in the coach to the finish area. I managed to gain a vantage spot right near the elite finish, and hopefully did a bit of advertising for the club, as me in my bright yellow Harriers sweatshirt appeared on T.V. a number of times. After watching the men’s world record broken, I took up a spot about 200m from the mass finish and was able to cheer in the Harriers and take a few ‘Action Photos’. First Harrier to appear down the finishing straight was Neil Lovesey, finishing in a time of 1.29.45. More Harriers started to appear, all very focused on the finish line just around the corner. Well done to Rebecca Pinney who was the first Lady Harrier to finish and also to Colin Gipson who beat his previous PB by 10 minutes, and to Val Bird who beat her PB by 5 minutes. All Harriers managed to finish the race, although there were a few people hobbling back to the coach. Full results are on the website.

The hotel pool and jacuzzi were taken over by many of us that afternoon. Apparently highly recommended as a post race activity. Tales of the race were regaled in a ‘lively’ Italian restaurant that evening and one or two souvenirs were ‘acquired’ on the way back to the hotel. Just look out for the new ½ mile sign at the Harriers Half marathon in December!

Many thanks to Steve and Lesley for organising the weekend. It just gets better every year – apart from the quiz on the coach which just gets harder!

Look out for a fuller report in a future edition of the club magazine.

Race report – Jen Lovesey

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