Bedford 6
18th May 2005



Stuart Bartlett 35:15 PB
Franck Monmont 35:44  
Richard Piron 37:04 2nd MV50
John Dickinson 37:49  
Steve Gaunt 38:46  
Shantna Trowell 38:59 3rd lady
Tony Barnes 40:21  
Veronica Singleton 40:29 8th lady, 1st LV40
Steve Daniels 40:43  
Andrea Ward 41:10 PB, 10th lady, 2nd LV40
Phil Wainwright 41:31  
Gabriel Arpaia 41:34 PB
Mark Tinkler 42:22  
Gary Denton 43:03  
David Herincx 43:32  
Paul Raymond 43:35  
Alex Rothwell 43:50  
Chris Ampaduh 43:53  
Bruce Mehew 45:16  
Peter Marshall 45:26  
Steve Crane 45:30  
Bev Hayes 45:58  
Zoe Willett 47:14  
Kate Barnard 47:19  
Rachel Burrage 47:57  
Jackie Keenan 48:08 2nd LV55
Malcolm McEwen 48:24  
Colin Bennetts 48:31  
Penny Duffin 50:41  
Karen Robinson 50:55  
Suet Lua 51:22  
Janet Taylor 52:16  
Jennifer Walker 53:15  
Linda Wilding 53:50  
Laura Hayes 55:34  
Christine Greaves 68:32  

There was a good turnout of Harriers and some excellent performances in this year's Bedford 6.

The first Harrier to finish and the 20th was Stuart Bartlett in 35:15. The second Harrier was Franck Monmont in 35:44 and the third was Richard Piron in 37:04. Richard was also the 2nd MV55. The first lady Harrier to finish and the 3rd lady overall in the race was  Shantna Trowell  in 38:59. The second lady Harrier and the 1st LV40 overall was Veronica Singleton in 40:20 and the third was  Andrea Ward in 41:10. Andrea was also the 2nd LV40. Jackie Keenan also ran well and was the 2nd LV55 in 48:06.  Shantna, Veronica and Andrea were the second ladies team to finish. The Harriers also had the 3rd ladies vet team, the 4th men's team and 3rd men's vets team.

If anyone did a pb at Bedford, let's know at

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