The Grizzly (@ 20 miles)
13th March 2005



Veronica Singleton 3:03:30 10th in category
Donna McEwen 3:13:32 10th in category
Cliff Smith 3:14:55 14th in category
Viv Kilgour 3:16:42 20th in category
Delores Wallis 3:25:40  
John Cheetham 3:46:54  
Ian Kingston 4:10:19  
Malcolm McEwen 4:46:58  
Cub Race @9 Miles  
Jeanette Cheetham 1:35:06 5th in category

For Veronica and Donna, it was their first attempt at Grizzly and the longest run Donna has ever done. The race had 10 major climbs and involved running several miles over shingle/pebbled beach and a stretch of approx 100 metres of thick knee deep mud. Lovely stuff!

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