Emberton Duathlon 10k/40k/5k
-BTF World Qualifier-
11th March 2010


Official Result

  10k Run 40k Bike 5k Run Total  
Richard Piron 41.48 1.14.29 22.36 2.22.32 3rd in category

On September 5th this year the Duathlon World Championships are being held in Edinburgh.  This race was one of 4 qualifiers in the UK  (and probably the most popular!) and age-groupers needed to finish in the top 4 in their age category to qualify .  The Edinburgh cycle course (hilly!) will suit me so I was keen to qualify.   
I went off hard on the first 10k but noticed at least 2 in my age category (K) moving away ahead of me.  (competitors have their age categories written on their calf so you don't have to guess their age by the greyness of their hair!).  At the end of the first run I wasn't too hopeful but jumped on the bike and went off in pursuit.    I was slightly underdressed and got cold on the bike so that forced me to work hard.  I passed a few 'Ks' so thought I might just scrape in.  My second 5k run was slower but I wasn't passed by any of my age group - I crossed the line and stopped my watch on 2h 22mins.  At the finish, you can check your time and position immediately on their computer.  I was third - mission accomplished!  I just wish I could work out how to be quicker in transition - In both T1 and T2 I was slower by at least 15 seconds than everyone else around me!


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