Granade 10k
5th June 2010


Official Results

Bob Wells 41.08 20th, 1st V50

I finished the Grenade 10km on Saturday night with all pins in place on my number but with skin leaking like a pipe at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.  At first I was not very pleased with my time - 41:08.08 to full Napoleonic precision - on a straightforward course, but when I discovered that the winner was a couple of minutes slower than last year and that I was the fastest V50 in 20th place overall I began to appreciate the debilitating effect of the unaccustomed 30 degree temperature.

 "Robert dit Bob" Wells of "Bedford Harries" collected the MV3 glass trophy but, in something of a Harriers' tradition, managed to drop and break it  and that was before the post-race eating and drinking concluded another enjoyable course pieds.


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