Trail des Coteaux et Vignobles
at L'isle sur Tarn
4th July 2010


Official Results

Bob Wells 1.49.34 14th, 1st MV3

I celebrated 4th July by returning to the 22km Trail des Coteaux et  Vignobles at L'isle sur Tarn an event I had really enjoyed last year. I was not disappointed. I registered for the event on the day (something which is normally possible at all but the biggest races in France) and was asked what size and colour I would like. I had seen other competitors in smart technical T shirts so I replied "M' and "bleu" and was upset that my accented answer attracted a very strange look until I realised that the colour question referred to the bottle of wine presented to each participant!

My run was some 5 minutes and 5 places slower than last year (1:49:34 for 14th/97 overall) probably more to do with some hard training the previous day for l'Etape du Tour on the bike than with Anno Domini. However, it was good enough for first in my age category for which I received a cup (of World proportions if not value), a scarf (not much use in the current season), and a magnum of Gaillac (not an event for abstainers this) The first male and female both won their weight in wine and Laurent Maurel collected his 69kg for the second successive year. I wonder how much he drinks in training.


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