Trail des Forgerons
21st March 2010


Official Results

Bob Wells 2.45.07 32nd, 1st MV50

The French 'course pied' is often translated as 'running'.  In the case of today's 30km Trail des Forgerons a more literal rendering of 'foot race' is much more appropriate. The course, based in the former steelworks town of St Juery, went up and down the side of the Tarn Gorge near Albi and in places the ascents were so steep that that running was out of the question.  I also saw a couple of people who attempted to make it a 'bum race' on the muddy descents but, more by luck than skill, I did not join them. My 2:45:07 placed me 32nd and first Over 60. The winner took 2:18:14.

As is often the case in this region, there was an excellent post-race meal in a very pleasant atmosphere.


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