Brampton to Carlisle 10
19th October 2011


Official Result

Bob Wells 1.07.12 1st MV65, club best time

I had read about the well-known Brampton-Carlisle 10 mile race many years ago in the autobiographies of both Ron Hill and Jim Alder but this was the first time I had found a good excuse to travel to the Saturday lunchtime event. (We had thought we might combine the race with a visit to see our first grandchild but this particular baby is not for rushing and has yet to make its debut!) 

 The rushing was left to me - 1:07:12 of it - which I believe is a club best time for MV65. This was also good enough for 1st MV65 (in the field of 680) but, more remarkably, the 1st MV60, MV65 and MV70 were all within a mere 24 seconds - a fact which, it could be argued, shows that very good British runners of the Hill/Alder era remain

 Although the weather for the 60th edition was  unusually Mediterranean and the variety of Scottish accents in the changing rooms gave me  comprehension problems familiar from SW France, the event organisation and general ambience did not provide this vet with any clues why the event has survived so long.


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