Castres 10k

27th March 2011


Official Result

Bob Wells 40.41 1st V3

Castres in SW France is a town most know more for its rugby than its history or gastronomy.  The 10k race consisted of 3 circuits on totally closed roads finishing on a superb track in a fine rugby stadium. In the Barcelona Marathon I managed to stay ahead of the 3-hour pacer until the  last mile so I was a little disappointed to be dropped by the 40-minute pacer in this race at 4km. However, I managed to exploit the marathon training and keep plodding to finish in 40:41 which was good enough for 1st in the V3 category.

I was overtaken by a youngster in the finishing straight but he could not receive his finisher's bottle of Gaillac because he wasn't 18.  On hearing this I tried to claim at least 3 bottles but unfortunately my request was not allowed.

I was surprised that so many, including families, waited long after the event for the prize-giving ceremony. Children passed the time by playing ball games but I didn't see a round one (ball). The reason for the enthusiasm to linger eventually became apparent at the post-formalities "apero". This started conventionally with crisps, peanuts and a small glass of wine but was followed by a magnificent banquet of charcuterie, baguettes and glazed apple tart. No scrum necessary plenty for everybody. Of course, glasses were re-filled liberally. I had no need, or room, for lunch.


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