Les Pentes et Cotes Saverdunoises
(23k Trail Race)

3rd April 2011


Official Result

Bob Wells 1.55.32 3rd V3H

It was no surprise that the course of a 23km trail race in the mountainous Department of Ariège with the title "Slopes and Hills” was undulating. However, on an unseasonably warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, I was surprised to see so many covered legs at the start. The reason for this manifested itself at about 15km where the brambles scraped off the thick mud collected earlier by the lower limbs. By this stage I had already discovered that I was not on form and my speed was better matched to the associated walking event. I eventually finished 3rd in my category in "1:55:32.46" to a undeserved fanfare from the oompah band which entertained throughout the afternoon and the evening meal (saucise et aligot).


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