Round Norfolk Relay
17th-18th September 2011

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Official Results

  Miles   Time
Stage 1 16.81 Alex Rothwell 2.28.25
Stage 2 14.06 David Hutchings 1.42.20
Stage 3 5.76 Carl Furness 44.49
Stage 4 11.14 Julie Wargent 1.25.08
Stage 5 10.81 Ian Kingston 1.58.04
Stage 6 7.90 Graham Short 58.34
Stage 7 9.24 Steve Crane 1.17.53
Stage 8 7.52 Peter Mealing 50.34
Stage 9 11.30 Neil Lovesey 1.19.32
Stage 10 20.06 Steve Daniels 2.38.50
Stage 11 14.60 Bev Hayes 2.13.44
Stage 12 19.67 Bob Wells 2.24.05
Stage 13 13.25 Tony Jones 2.01.43
Stage 14 8.80 Kevin Willett 58.41
Stage 15 7.20 Chris Fadden 57.30
Stage 16 5.49 David Prior 44.26
Stage 17 11.73 Angela Harris 1.48.09
Total 195.34   26.32.37

Race Report:

A seventeen stage relay race, 195.34 miles around the county of Norfolk, starting Saturday morning and finishing approx 9.30am Sunday. Simple as that, NOT QUITE!

Preparation for this race starts beginning of April when an application is put in to enter a team. Not only does it require 17 runners but also support crew, time keepers, cyclists, and drivers, all in all this year’s race involved 25 Harriers and family members to get the team round. Some come back year after year for the joy of running and being involved in a logistical challenge, sleep deprivation and good fun.

Experienced RNR runner Alex Rothwell left Kings Lynn at 6.30 am Saturday heading for Hunstanton where David Hutchings was waiting to take the baton onto Burnham Overy. Here Carl Furness took over and ran through the sand dunes and nudist beach to Wells apparently without taking in the view. Leg four saw Julie Wargent run from Wells to Cley, at this point the heavens opened but she pressed on relentlessly, a great performance. At Cley Ian Kingstone took the baton to take on the challenge of one of the toughest RNR legs, a run across shingle, sand and a hills into Cromer - appearing accompanied by another lady runner who he had spent nearly the last two hours with! Graham Short pressed on through Cromer to Mundesley tirelessly where Steve Crane was waiting to take over running his leg to Lessingham, again through rain. During his leg he was over taken by Alastair Fadden who had defected to the Colworth Striders team. This aroused some rivalry which spurred on Pete Mealing to run possessed to overtake the Striders again. The friendly rivalry between the two teams carried on throughout the event. Neil Lovesey had been waiting three hours to start his leg at Horsey but when Pete arrived at the change over point. Neil was not ready!!! But once he had the baton in his hand he put in a great run onto Great Yarmouth. Steve Daniels then picked up the baton and proceeded to run 20 miles in dwindling light a distance he agreed to run only 24 hours previously due to an injured runner having to pull out. At Bungay the baton was handed over to Bev Hayes who had the challenge of not only running for the first time in RNR but also in the dark. She did a great job, fifteen miles later at Scole she handed over to our international runner Bob Wells who flew in from France to compete in the RNR yet again. At Thetford thankfully Tony Jones picked up the baton. The complexities of the race always throws up  logistical problems and this year getting Tony to Thetford proved to be complicated, however after spending all day and half the night in various cars he was ready to stretch his legs running to Feltwell where he handed the baton to four times RNR runner Kevin Willett. Wissington saw Chris Fadden take the baton knowing he had to contend with a last minute route change where a level crossing was closed. At Downham Market fresh from his marshalling duties at Great Yarmouth David Prior took the baton. After he ran a solid five mile leg he safely passed it to our last runner Angie Harris who run a 1 hour 45 minutes in a glorious September morning to the finish line where she was loudly cheered on by her fellow Harriers, and supporters including Graham Short vigorously shaking black and yellow pom poms, a sight to behold a new career for Graham?

Special thanks to Jenny Lovesey and John Harris for biking in the driving rain, Alastair for returning back from the Striders to provide bike support at night. Christine and Tony Parello for providing runners support and time keeping throughout the night. Judy Prior for marshalling at Great Yarmouth, Lynn Short and Jutta Crane helping to deliver and collect runners.

Zoe Willett


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