Trail des Côteaux de Bellevue

8th January 2011


Official Result

Bob Wells 1.58.04 3rdMV3

That the temperature for the 2011 21km Trial des Côteaux de Bellevue was some 20 degrees (C) warmer than for the 2010 edition is certainly not conclusive evidence of global warming. I trust my drop of 70 places in the overall classification is similarly not evidence of my terminal decline!

I thought I was running easily and conservatively for the first half of the race but I suffered badly in the final 5km. However, I was somewhat reassured by colleagues at the finish who reported similar symptoms. Hopefully seasonal consumption and inactivity was to blame. I'll record it as nearly 2 hours of good marathon training and continue to exploit the good running weather in Toulouse while it lasts.

Bob Wells 1:58:04 93rd/243 overall 3rd MV3

Bob Wells

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