Corrida de Cugnaux 10k
22nd June 2012


Official Results

Bob Wells 41.44
Normally I would not be very happy with a 10k race time of 41:44 on a warm summer evening (compared for example with 40:24 on a cold January morning) but I was quite content after Friday night's outing. Because of a knee injury I have done very little running recently and needed some reassurance before tackling my first hilly marathon trail race on Sunday.  

I was much less happy about the race organisation which was as bad as any I have seen in France. Although entered in advance I had to stand in line for 45 minutes to collect my number. The races did not start on time so the slow runners finished in the dark. There was a podium loaded with trophies but only the results of the first three finishers were available for the presentation on the night. However,  I feel I have to excuse these shortcomings because the event is a Rotary Club fundraiser and everybody was relaxed and pleasant but I know some Harriers who would have blown a gasket! 

I discovered later from that I finished 71st out of 264 participants and 2nd in my geriatric category.

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