Trail du Pastel
22nd January 2012


Official Result

Bob Wells 2.19.08 1st V3

Perhaps I should have guessed that a trail race sponsored by a company called 'No Bathroom' might offer limited toilet facilities and no showers. The "Kit d'Hygiène' offered in the goody bag really wasn't up to removing the abundant mud I collected during 22 hilly (627m of climbing) kilometres just outside the city limits, south-east of Toulouse. However, as the race is named after the traditional blue die which was produced in the area (from green leaves), I was somewhat surprised that the souvenir tee-shirt was white.

Nevertheless, the challenging scenic course was very well-marked and marshalled and I felt the organisation had improved a lot since the first edition. Although I managed, just, to avoid leaving a full-body impression in the mud for future paleontologistss to ponder, I did manage to lose a shoe on one stretch. This was returned to me by a following competitor - an act typical of the pleasant ambience of these events.

According to the provisional results, I fiished in 2h 19m 08s, 84th out of 350 in the 22km event. 1st in the V3 category but a V4 finished only 5 seconds behind me.

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Bob Wells

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