Althorp Sprint & Standard Duathlon
19th October


Official Result

  5k Run 20k Bike 5k Run Total  
Gill Fullen 00:18:49 00:35:09 00:19:31 01:14:58 1st in Age Category
Justin Burrell 00:21:31 00:32:45 00:22:28 01:18:12 13th  in Age Category
Melissa Burrell 00:22:48 00:37:26 00:23:30 01:25:15 3rd  in Age Category
  10k Run 40k Bike 5k Run Total  
Paul Stuart 00:44:41 01:14:16 00:22:03 02:23:06 1st  in Age Category
Richard Piron 00:43:46 01:17:54 00:22:09 02:25:38 1st  in Age Category
Alastair Fadden 00:42:47 01:21:40 00:21:57 02:28:29 4th  in Age Category
Nora Haggart 00:47:03 01:22:34 00:24:25 02:35:51 1st  in Age Category
Alison Cooper 00:49:51 01:24:04 00:24:27 02:40:01 1st  in Age Category
Larissa Clarke 00:51:23 01:25:19 00:24:13 02:43:24 6th in Age Category
Sarah Wanden 00:53:11 01:44:45 00:26:50 03:07:30 2nd  in Age Category

This was my first foray into the heady world of mixed discipline racing, a good friend talked me into it (shant name and names but you know who you are!). Pre race nerves kicked in on Friday and I made list after list of kit - afraid I was going to forget something important. 

We arrived in a field in Althorp - a couple of marquees and an inflatable finish line.  I soon learned that there were other events on - a 5 and 10k run and a sprint duathlon (5 run, 20 bike and 5 run I think) as well as our standard (10 run, 40 bike and 5 run)

We collected our race numbers, placed stickers on bikes and helmets, racked our bikes and got a cuppa. Not as simple as a run!

All to soon we were off on the run, it was a scenic two lap mixed terrain race starting in a long slow hill, not so much fun on the second lap but a reasonable 53 mins for me. Then into transition, telling myself to not touch my bike before putting the helmet on, remembering gloves etc, all this isn't that easy when you've just done a run! The bike part was again a two lap course on open roads - although not terribly hilly it was undulating and my legs were weary. The lack of bike training was starting to show. At the end of the lap there was a huge downhill which took some guts to go at full pelt - really exhilarating! On the second lap I noticed a motorbike behind me and began to realise that perhaps I was the last rider on the course - eek.

Coming back into transition I was focused on the final 5k and threw my running shoes on and took off on the now familiar course...but whose legs were these? The top half of my body was in running motion but my legs appeared to belong to someone else... I looked down, yes they were there...and they appeared to be going in a forward motion but felt detached from my body. Dismayed I continued  telling myself it would soon be over. As the run progressed my legs came back to me and I noticed a runner in the distance, I focused on him and even managed to overtake in the last k. Phew - I wasn't last after all! I ran into the finish to big cheers from fellow Harriers who had all finished and were probably on their second cuppa! Thanks guys, it really helped. Got a nice medal and a cool hat! We stayed for the awards and It was great to see quite a few Harriers up on the podium!

Official times - 10k run 53.11 Bike 40k - 1.44 Run 5k 26.50 Overall 3.07


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