Robin Hood Half Marathon
29th September


Official Results

Dean Newman 1.29.14
Rohit Sendev 1.59.59
Chris Cottam 2.06.12
Susan Johnston 2.21.02
Jude Cottam 2.57.49


Well today was my first attempt to break the magical 1:30 for a half marathon. Was at race nice and early and feeling good about myself today and fully focused on what lay ahead. Met up with couple of guys from work before the start had a little chat then it was off to the start line, for a nice warm up. Met up with the sub 1.30 pacer and asked how he was going to run the race, he told me its going to be even splits all the way and said stay with me and your break that 1:30.So at the start there was a big group around the pacer all looking to break that  sub 1:30. So off went the gun and  everyone was sticking to pacer like glue, as the miles went by the pack gradually started to shrink and by mile 10 it was me and the pacer left. At mile 10 had to dig deep to maintain pace, but just told myself it's just a 5k race now.At mile 12 and into the home stretch and faster people were feeling the affects of running quick , one poor lady legs were all over the place and pace maker stopped for 2 seconds to see if she was ok, but he caught me up and said well done for staying with him and now its time for you to push on and break 1:30 and a new PB.At that point kicked away from the pace maker and tried to pull other people with encouraging them to push to the line.I crossed the line with a great smile on my face not only knocking 3.30 off my PB but finishing under 1:30 with a time of 1:29:14.

Conclusion a great race and very quick half marathon.

And yes I am Still smiling'


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