The Grizzly & Cub
10th March 2013


Official Results

The Grizzly
Andy Sewell 3:45:55
Mark Tinkler 4:05:34
Alex Rothwell 4:06:19
Carl Furness 4:09:25
Darren Miller 4:19:23
Paul Stuart 4:24:53
Paula Stuart 4:24:53
Ian Kingston 4:48:28
John Cheetham 4:48:28
Tom Brassington 4:50:47
Tony Jones 4:59:29
Richard Gallivan 5:09:17
David Prior 5:16:23
David Holt 1:17:46
Viv Kilgour 1:41:01
Beverley Tredget 1:41:41
Steve Gaunt 1:41:58
Mark Taggart 1:47:15
Jeanette Cheetham 1:47:34
Lesley Gaunt 1:51:53
Lynne Greenard 1:56:30
Barrie Cull 1:57:48
Jenny Cull 1:58:21
Andrea Sewell 2:01:00
Karen King 2:01:48
Graham King 2:01:48
Judy Prior 2:05:05
Lorena Henderson 2:12:35
Tina Delaney 2:13:23
Susan Pack 2:16:06
Jane Pritchard 2:26:47
Val Bird 2:27:06
Angela Gallivan 2:27:07
Linda Payne 2:27:11
Iva Barr 2:53:03

Grizzly weekend 2013

Another enjoyable weekend down in Devon,  with the main focus as always on the running, followed by the eating and drinking. Or perhaps the other way round…Some of our new Grizzilites thought that a weekend away with the Harriers would actually result in weight loss as we are all rock hard racers, follow finely tuned nutritional plans and discuss running tactics over a diet coke and lettuce leaf. There is some truth in this as we did indeed follow a nutritional plan which started off on Friday evening with our first pub meal.  Here is an account of our gastronomical tour of Devon. First up, Scampi and chips for me as the table of 10 ‘athletes’ washed down a couple of bottles of white and red,  a few beers and Whiskey chasers (purely for medicinal purposes for Steve G’s knee). A fact of which we are proud…the final members of team Harriers were asked to leave the pub as the landlord wanted to go to bed!

Saturday morning, Carbo loading was the main order of the day kicking off with some toast and honey, porridge and tea. Team harriers re grouped and headed down to Sidmouth to the local cake shop. After a few doughnuts, pastries and buns with several cups and tea, we were ready to make the journey back to Seaton to pop into race HQ and stop for lunch. We were a bit worried about actually feeling hungry and what that might feel like. Several rounds of sandwiches later we needed to recharge our batteries before heading back down the Dolphin in Beer for dinner and of course beer.  As an example to our new Grizzilites, I ordered a Ham salad. On arrival, it contained half a pig, a farmers field worth of salad and a French stick.  A few beers later it was time to retire and focus for a moment on the race and what we should eat for Breakfast.

Most of us were doing the Cub this year as the full race had got in the way of previous year’s eating and drinking. Carbo loaded to the max, we all seem to power round the course this year having had enough fuel to launch a rocket. The weekend did set a new record…it was the only running weekend where most of us seem to gain weight despite crawling up cliffs, jogging along shingle beaches and being battered by the cold wind and rain.  

If anyone would like a copy of the nutritional race plan, it can purchased for a donation from the Gaunts or myself on club nights. I’m not sure the plan will be available in W H Smiths anytime soon…

Well done to all who took part and made the weekend another one to remember 

Jenny Cull

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