Waterside 5
31st December


Official Results

Jerry Pullinger 31:48

1st MV50

David Sharman 32:05  
Tony Cormano 33:05  
Robert Jones 34:09  
Tom Beach 35:34  
Richard Pooley 37:04  
Cathy Johnson 39:06

3rd LV45

Callum Gillespie 39:53  
Sarah Wanden 40:22  
Larissa Clarke 41:00  
John Haggerwood 41:10  
Victoria Stoughton 42:06  
Carrie Traill 42:20  
Sarah Relton 43:03  
Darren Cimelli 44:04  
LIndsay Carter 45:19  
Deborah Roberts 45:25  
Lynne Greenard 47:32

1st LV65

Carole Darnell 49:46  
Liz Upex 50:03  
Lorena Henderson 1:02:00  

Another first time for me on this race, a quick out and back with a nasty hill - down on the way out and just when you are tired its really tough on the return. A good show of Harriers, a nice rain free gap in the weather, some great marshalling a cute little medal and some instant results made this a nice New Years Eve eye opener Time - 40.22.  There were also age cat wins for Lynne Greenard and Jerry Pullinger.  There were even some cakes at the end - well it was my birthday! A great end to a pretty good running year.


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