Wildman 0ff-Road Duathlon
17th November


Own Time

  10k Run 18k Bike 5k Run Total
Richard Piron 50.32 1.14.32 24.32 2.31.15
Mark Pryor 52.09 1.11.16 29.04 2.34.03

Organised by HumanRace Events, this is one of a series of off-road winter events held In the South.  This one on army training land near Aldershot.  They do a 10k and 15k trail run as well.  Superb area for running and mountain biking and well organised and marshalled.   My biggest problem was having done a reasonable first run, I was faced with hoards of good bikers coming past me (on both sides) on the narrow trails.  There were a few very steep sandy descents where I was very cautious and probably got in the way!  I won my age category but it was hollow victory as there were only 3 of us and one of those was a DNF.  I was expecting more mud, water and steep hills but it was still a demanding course - recommended!


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