ECF Monster Marathon
28th September

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Official Result

Carrie Traill 4.27.00


I entered this marathon back in May/June  and my thinking at the time was that this small, low key marathon, with only 75 entries, would be perfect for my first (and potentially last!) attempt at marathon running. It was a trail marathon but I seem to quite like that and it clearly said on their website, that with the cattle grids and styles, this is NOT a PB course, which I thought would also be ideal!! 

There were nice touches, I was able to download the route to my smart phone and use this on the day. Plus they kept in touch prior to the race with discount codes and other nice offers.

On the day, we started at Ely Cathedral, everything was clear and understandable. Then we were off! We followed Cycle Route 11, past the boats on the water, across the cattle grids and past the cows, who you could pet if you wanted! 

The ground was uneven which added to the excitement as did following the signs. I was glad I downloaded the route as there were no mile markers, which was a pain as my sense of distance is not very good!! 

The only issue for me was the fact that there was only 3 water stations, 10km, half marathon, 30km, and although they were well stocked with everything you could want but on a hot day, I ran out of water before and after the third station. 

The last 500 metres was up a hill back to the Cathedral, what was that?? At the finish, again lots of treats and a very nice goodie bag including a long sleeve technical top. 

All in all I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking about trying a marathon but it is certainly not one for road runners. 

Finally a huge thank you to all the supportive messages before hand! They really helped as the route was pretty much deserted so I thought of you all as I ran. Also a huge huge huge thank you to Richard for helping me train!