Karrimor Great Trial Challenge 22k
1st June

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Official Results

Ian Soaft 3.00.44
Anne Barnicoat 3.18.03


The word challenge and Keswick in a race title set the scene.  Add to that timed King of the Mountain and Demon Descent catagories, then times that by 2 and you have our little adventure over the weekend up and over Latrigg Fell twice.

I think I can speak for  both of us by saying it was the most brilliant time ever imaginable - on the first lap!   The 2nd lap was another matter.  Tired, seized up legs in Ian's case and my back having gone into a spasm 3 miles from the end meant I constantly had a 45 degree list and found it impossible to go in a straight line only added to the 'enjoyment'.!!  We have both agreed will be back next year for this marvellously supportive, well organised and most importantly, scenic race.  Thank you Keswick

Anne B