Thunder Run 24hr
26th/27th July

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Official Results

Solo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Ian Sturdgess 01:21:01 01:31:52 02:17:53 02:12:49 02:48:18 02:16:41 03:02:03 03:49:20
Ladies Pair 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  
Sarah Wanden 01:09:34 01:08:15 01:14:17 01:12:12 01:22:36 01:55:03 01:32:22  
Larissa Clarke 01:05:15 01:07:41 01:08:24 01:09:40 01:09:27 01:20:24 01:57:26  
Mixed Team of 5 1 2 3 4 5 6    
Noel Jones 00:56:34 00:53:44 00:55:02 01:02:25 01:04:08 00:56:08    
Dean Newman 00:47:34 00:47:49 00:52:10 00:55:13 00:49:35 00:49:25    
Richard Baldock 00:45:50 00:46:55 00:51:18 00:59:43 00:56:10      
Fiona Fisher 00:59:37 00:59:20 01:03:35 01:05:18 01:02:00      
David Elliot 00:48:41 00:50:18 00:54:34 00:55:10 00:55:32  
Mixed Team of 8 1 2 3 4        
Sean Leicester 01:09:39 00:59:05 01:01:10 00:57:59        
Steve Ball 00:56:44 00:58:02 00:58:08          
Rohit Sehdev 01:03:41 01:08:20 01:12:04          
Carrie Traill 01:02:06 01:04:00 01:00:12          
Renette Wolvaardt 00:58:33 01:08:11 00:59:04          
Tess Lukehurst 01:03:57 01:11:12 01:02:59          
Noelle Wolvaardt 00:54:13 01:04:49 00:59:18          
Dirk Wolvaardt



Noel's Report:

The Thunder Run is a 24 hour continuous relay race over an off road 10km course. We had 2 mixed teams of 8 and 5 respectively and both ended up being called the “Xtreme 8” due to the number of last minute changes. Sarah and Larissa took on the pairs challenge while Ian braved doing it solo. Describing the course as off road is a bit of an understatement. Shortly after the start the course turns sharply into the woods on the hillside. It winds around the hills in three or 4 sections making the most of the available ground and doing a remarkable job of making sure you are never quite sure where you are in relation to the start! There are technical sections with tape making a maze through the trees which is quite surreal when it gets dark. With solo runners, pairs and teams all sharing the course there was a lot of passing and being passed going on but rarely without a “well done” and “awesome” being exchanged. As one of the team of 5 I was surprised at how little time there was between runs. After my first run I sauntered around and before I knew it I was having to get ready to go out again. The team work and support was incredible and a credit to all of the Bedford Harriers that took part. There were brilliant performances all round.

Final placing is based upon the number of laps completed and then the time across the line. Provided you start a lap before the 24 hours is up then you can complete it. We made a tactical change sending Dean out to ensure that we could start another lap and Noelle came in with just a couple of minutes to spare to allow her team to do the same. Results and placings are here;

Noel Jones


Sarah's Report:

Harriers do Thunder Run

After much juggling about we finally managed to get two teams, a pair and a solo to take part in the incredible event that is the Adidas Thunder Run.

This event is a 10km hilly loop relay starting at noon on Saturday and ending at noon Sunday. You just run it as many times as you can, simple!

Most of us arrived on Friday and set up camp, fired up the BBQ and opened a few beers whilst we all got to know each other and discussed tactics. The site soon filled up with huge numbers of runners and their families, the atmosphere was electric. (Circa 2500people on site) 

All to soon it was Saturday morning and we were getting ready. A few brave harriers even went to do a local Park run ....

At noon in the searing heat the first runners began the amazing journey. The pairs and solos began at a steady pace and those in teams charged off into the distance. 

Each circuit takes you through the campsite at 2km and again from 9-10km so there  really is no shortage of support. The crowds were incredible with water pistols, cheers and shouts of encouragement. As the daylight drew in head torches were deployed and you could see the bobbing of white lights up in the hills. 

Back at base camp the harriers came and went to change and take on food - chatting excitedly about their laps and the people they had met along the way. 

Around 2am we had a refreshing amount of rain which really helped cool the tired runners. 

As dawn came the campsite awoke with the smell of bacon and again out came the crowds to cheer us on. 

Again and again the runners came and went, wondering how much further their aching legs would take them. For some this was the furthest they had ever run.

There are too many people to thank for making this happen, we even had a couple of runners who really stepped in on the day to help.

Here are the results of the 24 hours of running

Solo - the amazing Ian Sturdgess - 80kilometres 

Pairs - Larissa Clarke and Sarah Wanden -140kms 

Team of five - Noel Jones, Dean Newman, Richard Baldock, Fiona Fisher, David Elliott - 270km 10th position overall

Team of 8 - Steve Ball, Rolo Sehdev, Carrie Trail, Renette Wolvaardt, Noelle Wolvaardt, Dirk Wolvaardt and two wonderful non Harriers who literally stood in at the 11th hour, Sean Lester and Tess Lukehurst. 

So that's a total of 773kms of running in 24 hours. 

Let's do it again next year!!