Dumfries Half Marathon
20th September

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Official Results

Carrie Traill 1.55.01
Richard Baldock 1.55.02

Firstly I come fae Dumfries.

It's a wee toon, only about 36,000 folk on the west coast o' Scotland. It's warm and usually dry. The other important thing to know is: Dumfries is offy hilly!

However, when I asked my pa about the course, he said "naw it's well flat! You'll be fine!" And like a right eejit, I believed him.

It starts at the new Dumfries College Campus, which is out by the Crichton for those who know Dumfries. From there, you head out into the countryside for 4 miles before you complete a wee 5 mile loop and then heading back along the original 4 miles. You pass the villages o' Bank End and Glencaple. It is proper rural! Only stunning views and coos as far as the eye can see!!

Anyhoo, the climbing started straight away, well at mile one and it didn't stop. Oh and these weren't any normal hills, they went oan for miles! The worst one being mile 10 through t' 12! Seriously, it just went oan an' oan an' oan! Not helped by a fire engine that passed us oan the road as you could see it climb into the distance above the hedges that lined the roads!

The finish was a welcome relief, I passed ma smiling pa, who was waiting for me to finish and collected a braw goodie bag which contained some fab treats including a tshirt and medal.

My husband, who's also fae Dumfries, did laugh that ma own local knowledge was that bad that a' couldnae picture the route.

In all seriousness, Dumfries half marathon is a hilly but beautiful route that shows off all that is amazing about my home town. It's small and friendly and where else does a piper send you off??? On a personal note, it was my first run in Scotland and I was proud to complete it, if only my PE teacher could see me now!