Stanwick 10k
6th April

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Official Results

Stuart Dare



Kevin Shelton Smith


1st MV50

Tony Barnes


2nd MV50

Stuart Trevallion



Neil Lovesey


1st MV60

Aaron Donohoe


Jack Rance 44:29  
Steve Gaunt



Helen Etherington



Chris Fadden



Tony Jones



Sarah Relton



Rolo Sehdev 



Sarah Wanden


Robin Fiander 52:35  

Peter Pack



Sheila Humphries


Lesley Gaunt



Liz Upex



Susan Johnston 



Ian Sturdgess



Chris Cottam



Sue Pack



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Beautiful Sunny Stanwick 10k

An extra couple of days over the weekend deserves and extra race doesn't it? that's what logic says. I'd heard about Stanwick before, but never run it so was excited to do a new one. Right from the start I planned to not go too hard, still a little muscle soreness from Saturdays marathon meant I probably couldn't if I'd tried!

We arrived in good time and guess what? Registration was only in the pub!! Fantastic, very well organised systems meant we had our numbers very quickly and were soon outside lapping up the sunshine and chatting to friends. More Harriers arrived so I turned into a mother hen and began to try to herd them all together for a photo, I didn't do too bad but didn't capture everyone (thanks Renette for being photographer) the village centre was the church and the pub, with the start/finish line also right there in the road it was quite a spectacle.

Lots of locals, families and friends were gathered in the spring sunshine as we took off. The first 3 km hurt a bit but as I warmed up it got easier. So nice to run in the sunshine and not have lots of layers on.
The route was quite undulating and a good km was on a main road where we were coned off. The rest was glorious scenery and lots of lovely support. I missed the 5 and 6km markers - must have been talking. At 7km I managed to overtake a couple of people which was brilliant, if unusual.

Soon we hit 9 and I tried to put my toe down a bit, the last km was a bit twisty and sloping and you ran finally down a gentle hill into the heart of the village where - if you were lucky they called out your name as you crossed the finish line.

A man with a laptop read out your time (52.59) and then further down the funnel the mayoress (I think) handed me my medal. I did say I preferred hers, it was massive and golden but she told me I'd have to do much more than a 10k race to get one of those!

There were bacon rolls somewhere and other delights but I needed to get back to Bedford so didn't hang about. Lovely to see a great turnout of fellow Harriers!

Am pretty pleased with this and would definitely do it again. Not a PB race but this little English village with it's tall spired church nestled in the Northamptonshire countryside oozes beauty and charm.

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