London Marathon
26th April

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Ian Hammett 



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Juliet Smith 03:47:58  
Jose Ariza 03:53:13  
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Veronica Singleton Lawley 04:44:39  
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Ian Sturdgess



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Iva Barr 07:26:46  

Race report - London marathon 26.4.2015
Well, how to begin? Most know that I was running London for Multiple Sclerosis after a good friend was diagnosed recently. And of course like many runners I've always wanted to have a shot of the big one. However, race prep didn't quite go to plan, I was working away  on Friday night and planned to get back to bedford in good time Saturday morning to get to the expo. However I managed to get lost and after much messing around I picked my number up just 1.5 hrs before the expo closed - even for me that was too close for comfort! I did still manage to find a little time to flex the credit card though.
Sunday morning soon arrived and I met the Harriers coach  at 6am ready to travel to London. I decided to make my race plan involve lots of high fives, jelly babies and general fun rather than a full on hard race. This was London, I wanted the experience, the sights and sounds, the wonderful crowds of supporters. 
Waiting in the red start I held on to my bag and jacket as long as possible as it was a little chilly. Soon it was time to get into the pens and I found my way there easily, the organisation was pretty good. It was a fair while before we got to the start so I chatted to other runners as we crept forward, I had a nice chat with the queen too, twinset and pearls worn stylishly with an inflatable corgi.
Soon we were off, it was quite congested which kept my speed down, I didn't mind at all, I even turned my Garmin inwards and chose to ignore it, happily I plodded on taking in the atmosphere and scenery. The crowds were fantastic, cheers, names being shouted out and tonnes of oranges, jelly babies, beer etc. I high fived hundreds of little and big hands along the way, bands played and music blared. Sometimes I sang badly, laughed and watched some hilarious outfits from a red telephone box to a tardis and several gorillas. 
Water stations were placed at every mile, lots of gels and lucozade also from about mile 11. Soon I reached mile 13, and it felt good, I wasnt dreading the next 13, legs were happy.  It was great watching the leaders at this point as they were on the other side of the road, i screamed ant any MS runners and harriers to cheer them on. At mile 20 I sneaked a peek at the Garmin, I was very surprised to see under three hours..and here is where the brain kicked in (maths as well as directions are not my strong point..) I realised I was close to a four hour ish finish. Things got a little less relaxed, there was some serious potential for a PB here, was I mad to try? Should I? This is London, of course I should!!  I ran harder, stopped messing about and knuckled down, 22, 23 miles, just a park run to go... Time looking good still... At 24 miles I was beaming, I was in PB territory and it felt good. 25-26 felt stupidly long and the, all of a sudden it was over. I had a medal around my neck and a shiney new PB on my Garmin. 
Off to the MS reception I got a 40min massage, hot food and a cup of tea as well as some lovely thank yous. 
We all met at the Cenotaph afterwards, there were a few new PBS and lots of stories to share on the bus home.
What a fab day out and some brilliant running too. 
And the biggest thank yous to all that donated, target is smashed and money still coming in too! 
It's London baby