3-Counties XC @ Standalone
18th December 2016

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Official Results
Ladies team: 2nd; Mens team: 3rd; Overall team: 2nd
  Position     Position
Charlie Palmer 4 Kirstie Sharman 47
Chris Dilley 8 Sally Cartwright 71
Scott Penfold 15 Sally Gurney 152
Stuart Dare 18 Gill Fullen 173
Peter Graham 24 Nora Haggart 182
Andy Palembello 31 Caroline Devine 194
Gary Finch 39 Ronnie S-Lawley 214
Sean Crawley 40 Kirstie Jones 232
Adam Hills 60 Sacha Trude 238
Dave Sharman 62 Viv Kilgour 273
Kevin Shelton-Smith 65 Eva Kovacs 289
Alistair Fadden 79 Lesley Gaunt 291
Tony Barnes 107 Jenny Redgrove 294
Oliver Jones 122 Jenny King 306
Gary Butler 126 Angie  Kay 313
Stephen James 129 Tracey Thompson 328
Stuart Knight 148 Sue Pack 329
Morris Dempster 155 Sylvia Snowling 337
Alan Rickhuss 166 Lorena Henderson 352
David Elliot 180    
Rob Wallis 203    
Mark Tinkler 215 Scorers  
Chris Fadden 239 Michelle Fadden  
Alex Rothwell 243 Peter Pack  
Ian Kingstone 259 Sam Marlton  
Russel Page 275 Sandra Hunt  
David Cromlan 320    
Peter Lawley 339    
Peter Fadden 340    

In total 48 runners with fellow supporters were there to watch the penultimate race of the season. Another excellent team performance with the depth of our squad ensuring that we still achieved a great result. I don't have the other teams scores yet so I don't now how close it actually was.

Some of our competition fielded very strong teams again, in particular Biggleswade Ladies and North Herts Men as well as the guys in Red! But we performed very well, as we have all season!!

Excellent performance from all of you on Sunday and a thoroughly enjoyable race.

A special thanks to our scorers and support crew: Michelle Fadden, Peter Pack, Sam Marlton and Sandra Hunt! Without these guys it wouldn't be possible to field our teams.

These are provisional scores, so will have to wait for the official results.

Need a big turnout at our home venue on the 22nd January! Let's finish this great season off with a Bedford BOOM!!
Wishing you all fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Gary Finch
Team Captain