3-Counties XC @ Wootton
20th November 2016

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Official Results
Mens team: 3rd; Ladies team: 3rd; Overall team: 1st
  Position     Position
Charlie Palmer 3 Kirstie Sharman 56
Chris Dilley 10 Sally Cartwright 82
Danny Winn 12 Sophie Gibbens 85
Stuart Dare 19 Nikki Jones 172
Phil Jamieson 22 Nora Haggart 174
David Course 32 Gill Fullen 179
Kev Willett 35 Sally Johnston 181
Peter Graham 42 Sam Marlton 183
Andy Palembello 44 Kirstie Jones 205
Gary Finch 45 Bev Tredget 206
Sean Crawley 48 Sacha  Trude 214
Adam Hills 64 Karen Robertson 243
Tony Barnes 69 Viv Kilgour 260
Dave Sharman 83 Elaine Fullard 279
Jon Clark 96 Eva Kovacs 284
Oliver Jones 105 Diane Wallis 286
Stuart Knight 109 Jenny Redgrove 289
Stephen James 117 Jenny King 295
Bob Stone 122 Lesley Gaunt 297
Laurence Folley 166 Sue Pack 303
David Elliott 182 Tracey Thompson 318
Rob Wallis 187 Sylvia Snowling 328
Colin Ross 194
Simon King  196 Scorers
Stuart Snelson 197 Angie Kay
Steve Gaunt 213 Michelle Fadden 
Tony Jones 225 Peter Pack
Noel Jones 229 Angela Gallivan 
Andrew Roberston 244
Keith Rapley 246
Chris Fadden 266
Dave Girling 267
Richard Gallivan 271
Russel Page 272
Peter Fadden 288

Bedford Harriers combined 1st again!

Ladies 3rd
Men 3rd.

Well done guys

In total 58 runners with fellow supporters were there to watch the race, unfortunately it was rather short! 4 miles, we should have all gone around the first field twice before exiting onto the course - cutting 0.7 from the total distance.

Some of our competition fielded very strong teams for this race in particular Biggleswade Ladies and North Herts Men as well as the guys in Red! But we performed very well and are still the team to beat, especially in the combined category!!

I'm afraid I failed to score this time! That's a first for me, but proves how very strong you all are now.

Excellent performance from all of you on Sunday and a thoroughly enjoyable race. We must keep this momentum going throughout the season, so do not rely on somebody else turning up on the day please get yourself to as many races as possible our Defenders really do matter now especially in the Combined event by pushing up the scores of our competition! WE NEED YOU ALL!!!

A special thanks to our scorers Michelle Fadden, Peter Pack, Angela Gallivan and Angela Kay! Without these guys it wouldn't be possible to field our teams. Great Job Team.

Gary Finch Team Captain

Gary Finch
Team Captain