Group Schedules

Angie and Noel's Group

November-December 2017

Monday 13th
Tempo 2 laps Polhill, Kimbolton and Goldington. Good effort for the 4.35 miles! Noel

Wednesday 15th
Longish Run – Church Lane, Wentworth & Avon Drive Curlew Cres, Brickhill Drive, Cemetary, Foster Hill Rd, Embankment   Angie

Friday 17th
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 18th  
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 19th

St.Neots ½

Monday 20th  
Timed Efforts Via Eastcotts to Wallis Way. 6 reps 2 mins on, 2 mins off. Bring your watch. Noel

Wednesday 22nd
Pace Increases 4 x 5 mins Embankment to Hillgrounds return Cardington Rd – 7 miles - Angie 

Friday 24th
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 25th
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 26th  
3C’s XC at Dunstable
Stanwick Lakes ½, 10k,5k
Hatfield 5

Monday 27th
Hills – Cemetary, Gainsborough Rise, Turner Way – reps on all.

Wednesday 29th
Speed work along the Embankment with plyometrics! (Jumps, skips & bounding)  -  Angie

Friday 1st December
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 2nd
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 3rd
Bedford Half Marathon- Please volunteer to marshall!!

Monday 4th
Steady Fenlake Rd, Elstow Rd, Abbey Fields, Harrowden, Eastcotts. 5.7m  Noel

Wednesday 6th
Meet at Sainsbury’s, Clapham Rd for 6.45 run – Warm up Clapham Rd, alleyway & up to top. Up and overs 2min on/2 min off Brickhill Drive & Manton   Bring your watch!!   Angie

Friday 8th  
6.30-7.30 Circuits


Saturday 9th  
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 10th  

MK Winter ½

Monday 11th  
In search of hills Haylands, Bowhill, Furlong, Put Hights. Brecon, Rowallan, Avon, Dove, Falcon. Curlew. Turner, Gainsbr. Brickhill, Chiltern. 7 miles. Noel

Wednesday 13th
Christmas Lights run – finding the best lights around town


Friday 15th
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 16th 
7-8am Swim Trinity
9am from Stadium -Angie leads slow bike group

Sunday 17th
3 C’s XC at NHRR

Monday 18th
Tempo 2 laps Polhill, Kimbolton and Goldington. Compare yourself to a month ago! Noel

Wednesday 20th
Head torch run – 6miles along Willington track and back – Please bring head torch and festive antlers

Friday 22nd 
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 23nd  
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 24th  
Have a drink to celebrate Christmas
Christmas ribbon  A Crhristmas ribbon

Monday 25th
Merry Christmas 

Wednesday 27th

Go for a run to work off the Christmas Dinner!!

Friday 29th
Saturday 30th

Sunday 31st
Happy New Year

Monday 1ST January 2018

Enjoy a rest and recover

Wednesday 2nd January
Gentle run! Embankment, Queens Park, Bromham, Castle Rd -5 miles. Angie

Friday 4th
6.30-7.30 Circuits
Saturday 5th
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 6th

** Please remember dark nights are with us now - hi vis must be worn!!

Friday night circuits 6:30-7:30pm start October 6th – free to paid up Harriers.
Saturday swim sessions 7-8am at Trinity, Bromham Road, lanes for all abilities - £3
Saturday bike rides 9am from Stadium – 2 groups: Fast 17mph and Slow 14mph dates as above