Oliver Jones

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3 Counties XC - Dunstable 26th November 117th
Wolverton 5 25th November 33:04
3 Counties XC - Wootton 12th November 113th
Dublin Marathon 29th October 3:46:01
Lakes in a Day 50 7th October 14:41:42
Run Through QEOP 10k 16th September 39:40
Lakeland Trails Derwentwater Trail Challenge 15km 2nd September 1:17:20
Dig Deep Peak Trails 30 19th August 7:20:30
Peak Skyline 6th August 5:52:09
Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon 23rd July 5:10:20
Ultra 5k *5 16th July 1:51:51
JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 5th July 22:51
Colworth Marathon Challenge 23-25th June 3:23:28
Cowlorth Half Marathon 25th June 1:42:31
Colworth Trail 8.1 24th June 1:06:33
Colworth 5 23rd June 34:34
Bedford 10k 18th June 44:00
GSRR - Leg 3 17th June 1:26:01
Lakeland Trails Marathon Challenge 4th June 4:24:42
Milton Keynes Marathon 1st May 3:14:44
Run Through Hyde Park 5k 22nd April 19:38
Stanwick 10k 17th April 39:36
Oakley 20 2nd April 2:25:45
Sandy 10 26th March 1:08:52
Ashridge Boundary Run 18th March 2:13:02
Grizzly 12th March 3:05:04
MK Festival of Running Half Marathon 5th March 1:31:06
Wellingborough MT Dirt Run 10k 5th February 42:27
3 Counties XC at Sharnbrook 22nd January 132nd
3 Counties XC at Standalone 18th December 122nd
3 Counties XC at Wing 27th November 99th
Wolverton 5 26th November 37:31
3 Counties XC at Wootton 20th November 105th
QEOP 10k 5th November 54:22
Stort 30 30th October 4:13:34
Amsterdam Marathon 16th October 3:19:39
Great Scottish Run Half Marathon 2nd October 1:29:52
Box End 10k 14th September 44:57
Compressport Trail 10k 4th September 59:41

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Oliver Jones