Maulden Woods 5
4th July 2004


Official Result

Rob Miller 33:58
Henry Downes 36:14
David Herincx 38:06
Cathy Rogers 39:09
Colin Gipson 39:04
David Gallagher 40:48
Chris Williams 40:54
Elaine Munday 44:00
Chris Williams Reports on the Maulden 5
Yours truly and Henry Downes had a day out in Maulden for correct me if I'm 
wrong ,the first running of their 5 miler. It didn't get started till 2 o'clock 
so plenty of time to get registered and have a look around the fete they had set 
up. It's a shame that they chose to hold it on the same weekend as the River 
Festival as I'm sure they would have got a better turn out but anyway back to 
the race at a guess I would say that there were about 120-150 runners and that 
included maybe 8 harriers. In fact Rob Miller has started a new trend by wearing 
his vest back to front, can't see it catching on mate ! So 2 o'clock and we're 
off down hill and Cathy Rogers goes past me like Zola Budd on roller blades ! 
The race official told us it was an undulating course and to pace ourselves 
which turned out to be sound advice. In no time at all we're off the roads and 
into the woods, its very soft under foot with plenty of roots to trip you up and 
puddles to run around. Now I'm starting to wish I'd done a bit of hill work 
because they do not stop coming ! but as hard as it was ,it was a very enjoyable 
course, more like cross country then anything I'd done before. No mile markers 
no drink stations just hard slog. I finally got home in 41 minutes which I was 
quite pleased with ,Henry thought it was more then 5 miles but he did get sent 
the wrong way at the start ! I think everyone enjoyed this race and it's 
definitely one I'd do again, no good if you're looking for a PB but a very good 
work out and we got a medal and a T-shirt so no complaints from me for a change 
! well done to all Harriers who took part , that was a tough one ! 
Chris Williams. 

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