Silverstone 10k
4th May 2004


Official Result

Kevin Willett 35:01
Sean Newbury 37:38
Neil Lovesey 39:47
Rob Miller 39:57
Andrew Moore 40:48
Graham Short 41:02
Henry Downes 41:22
Chris Proud 41:23
Tony Barnes 41:27
Veronica Singleton 42:37
Cathy Rogers 43:32
David Herincx 44:09
Chris Williams 44:33
Stuart Bullard 47:04
Larry Corkery 49:50
Peter Campbell 50:32
David Sutcliffe 52:08

 Chris Williams Reports.  

Wow that was cold and wet ! London was never that bad !
But it was my fastest 10k for 3 years , not bad as i only decided to run at
4o'clock that afternoon and i was still recovering from a very drunken weekend
at Loftus Road watching Q.P.R.! but I definitely needed a burst on the banjo
after not really doing a lot since London but I was a bit gutted to be about 25
seconds off a PB . The conditions didn't help most runners after a quick time,
my sparring partner Henry Downes was about a minute out so all in all not such a
bad night. Well done to all those who took part and to those who didn't CHICKENS

Phil Gray Reports

'gene kelly was singin' in the rain. i kid you not. torrential did little to dampen the spirits of 800 plus runners at a wet and wild silverstone. it was good to see at least a dozen harriers participating and led in style by kevin willet. he did not disappoint on the night and turned in a blinding performance. he was looking for 34.30 and the club mv40 record but settled for an incredible 35.01 as 1st harrier home, and supported well by sean newbury and neil lovesey - 2nd and 3rd harriers respectively. larry was also on fire and turned in a cracking sub 50 time, and veronica was strutting her stuff as the 1st harrier lady to finish. yours truly got well and truly soaked as he captured harriers in action and welcomed the sight of hot tea and a mixture of rolls and sponge cake. yum! yum! for my tum. me and 800 plus welcomed this as the night reached a conclusion. remember - if you listen very carefully tonight, boys and girls, you can here gene kelly ' singing in the rain '.

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