Stevenage Marathon & Half Marathon
7th November 2004


Official Results

Stevenage Marathon

Simon Bowden 3:30:44
Stevenage Half Marathon
Chris Proud 1:31:52
Henry Downes 1:37:50
Donna McEwen 1:42:12
Chris Williams 1:50:47
Elaine Munday 1:54:05
Suet Lua 1:56:56
Andrea Ranson 1:59:02
Paul Hudson 3:07:15

One Harrier ran in the Stevenage Marathon and eight ran in the Half Marathon.

Running in the Marathon was Simon Bowden in 1:31:52. Simon is in training for an ultra-distance race next year (@100 miles) and this was part of the training. His next race will be the Luton Marathon in December.

The first Harrier to finish in the half was Chris Proud in 1:31:52. Chris was the 4th MV50. The second Harrier was Henry Downes in around 1:37:00.(Henry's time has unfortunately been missed off the official results).  Next home was Donna McEwen in 1:42:12. This was Donna's first half marathon this year and was a pb by 5-mins. Chris Williams was next to finish in 1:50:47 followed by Elaine Munday in 1:54:05, Suet Lua in 1:56:56 and Andrea Ranson in 1:59:02. These were the fastest times this year by all three girls and again may have been pb's. Finally, and bringing up the rear in the race was Paul Hudson who finished in 3:07:15.

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