Stevenage Relays (3k)
20th July 2004


Unofficial Result

Senior Ladies
Carla Fisher 12:53    
Sheena Salah 12:55 25:48
Emily Woodfield 12:05 37:53
Lady Vets
Jenny Lovesey 12:21   1st Beds
County Team
Cathy Rogers 11:56 24:17
Avril Monmont 11:56 36:13
Senior Men
Sean Newbury 10:14    
Alistair Fadden 10:44 20:58
Rob Miller 11:06 32:04
Andrew Moore 10:42 42:46
Franck Monmont 10:35 53:31
Male Vets (A)
Kevin Willett 10:04   2nd Vets Team overall

1st Beds Vets County Team
Richard Dorman 10:21 20:25
Neil Lovesey 10:47 31:12
Richard Piron 10:39 41:51
Morgan Walters 10:09 52:00
Male Vets (B)
Andy Sewell 11:30   3rd Beds Vets
County Team
John Shearer 11:06 22:36
Tony Parello 10:58 33:34
Steve Gaunt 11:18 44:52
Mike Barnard 11:26 56:18

Stevenage (3k) Relays
(Tuesday 20th July 2004)

The Harriers usually have a successful time at the annual Stevenage Relays and this year's efforts again produced a number of awards. 

The Vets A team of Kevin Willett (10;04), Richard Dorman (10:21), Neil Lovesey (10:47), Richard Piron (10:39) and Morgan Walters (10:09) did particularly well finishing their five legs in a combined time of 52:00 mins. They were the second vets team overall on the night and the 1st vets team from Bedfordshire. Also running well were the second men's vets team of Andy Sewell (11:30), John Shearer (11;06), Tony Parello (10:58), Steve Gaunt (11:18) and Mike Barnard (11:26) who completed their five legs in 56:18. (Their time would have been even faster had Andy not missed the starting gun by around 30 secs.) Despite this, they still collected a prize for being the third Bedfordshire vets team to finish.

Also picking up an award were the ladies vets team of Jenny Lovesey (12:21), Cathy Rogers (11:56) and Avril Monmont (11:56) who competed their legs in an excellent 36:13. The girls were the first Bedfordshire ladies team overall to finish and so picked up the Open County Award.

Well done also to the senior ladies team of Carla Fisher (12:53), Sheena Salah (12:55) and Emily Woodfield (12:05) who all took part in their first relays. They completed their three legs in a combined time of 37:53. The senior men's team of Sean Newbury (10:14), Alistair Fadden (10:44), Rob Miller (11:06), Andrew Moore (10:42) and Franck Monmont (10:35) similarly ran well and finished their five legs in 53:21.

Phil Gray reports on the night'

Fun and frolics was the name of the game as we left sunny Bedford behind and straight into the eye of what seemed like one almighty  storm as John Shearer gave me, Andy Sewell and Andrew Moore a lift to the relays in Stevenage. What a night in more ways than one as Harriers addressed the Stevenage Relays around Fairland Valley Park. Christine kept tabs on the times as 7.30 approached. Bedford Harriers had entered 3 Mens Teams { 5 runners in each team } and 2 Ladies Teams { 3 runners in each team } Each runner would address a 3K lap. Game on as Andy, Sean and Kevin led the guys away, while Jenny and Carla led the ladies away. Kevin was on fire and blitzed the 3K in 10:04 - the best Harrier time on the night - before handing over to Richard Dorman, while Sean did equally as good in 10.14 before handing over to the next Harrier. I managed to capture some of the action on camera as the  guys and girls did the business on the night. One of the Harriers Male Vet Teams came away with 1st prize on the night, while the Harriers Ladies Vet Team stole 2nd place. Harriers also picked up a host of Beds AAA's  Relay Awards as well. It was also good to see Morgan Walters in action on the night and only 5 seconds behind Kevin's time in 10:09. Thanks to Steve and Cathy for putting the teams together and to John et all for providing transport on the night. A night for heroes as tea and bread and butter pudding hit the spot before John took us safely back to Bedford and some much needed kip for all concerned'

A tired but elated individual

Phil Gray

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