Weedon 10k
8th June 2004


Official Result

Tony Barnes 42:38  
Veronica Singleton 44:15

1st LV40

Henry Downes 44:49  
Peter Campbell 46:57  
Stuart Bullard 49:22  
Chris Williams 51:11  
Deidre Bethune 51:16 Club best time
Larry Corkrey 52:19

1st MV65

Bill Bethune 63:38  
Chris Williams Reports:
"Picked up my sparring partner Henry Downes at 6pm and made of  to Weedon 
arriving at 6.30pm on a beautiful warm evening. After registering I had a good 
look at the great selection of home made cakes and cream teas and watched all 
the runners crying their eyes out and licking their lips ! In fact I was humming 
"should I stay or should I go" as we made our way to the start. 
So at 7.45 we were off and it wasn't long before I started to remember that I 
can't run in the heat, even though it had cooled down quite a lot it was still 
too warm for me and I thought I might crash and burn in this race. And crash and 
burn I did spectacularly at 4k .We were told the course was hilly but wow ! I 
nearly had a nose bleed ! I had to walk for 4 or 5 minutes until I was able to 
start running again and was glad that I took a break because having a gentle jog 
and enjoying what I thought was a very good course turned out to be the better 
option. The hills kept coming and just as you thought you were over the worst, 
at 7k came a mountain which made me turn the air blue ! It went up and up and up 
to 8k where I'm sure I saw Edmond Hillery with a marshals bib on ! most of the 
remaining 2k was then down hill apart from a little climb at the end for good 
measure. I don't know all the Harriers that took part as I only saw the backs of 
their heads ! I finally got over the finish line in a tragic 51.05, my slowest 
10k for about 5 years. But I must say, Weedon is well worth running if you 
fancy a challenge. I'd have another go at it in cooler conditions. Henry was 
asleep when I found him, he got in, in an impressive 44.49. 
So another one in the bag and hopefully I can make amends this weekend at 
Chris Williams. 

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