Oakley 20
(Harriers Results)
13th March 2005



Adam Hills 2:27:00 1st Oakley 20
Richard Piron 2:27:44  
Tony Parello 2:29:14  
Ian Goodwin 2:34:48 1st Oakley 20
Graham Short 2:37:04 1st Oakley 20
Kevin McPhillips 2:37:31 1st Oakley 20
Tom Inman 2:39:32  
Carla Fisher 2:39:37 1st Oakley 20
Gary Horsman 2:44:26  
Dennis Hone 2:46:53 1st Oakley 20
Peter Quigley 2:50:36 1st Oakley 20
Vic Byer 2:52:35  
Deirdre Bethune 2:54:23  
Mick Inskip 2:54:23  
Nora Haggart 2:55:50 1st Oakley 20
Mark Holland 2:58:04 1st Oakley 20
Chris Capps 2:58:23  
Bruce Mehew 2:59:44 1st Oakley 20
Janet Lehain 3:04:04 1st Oakley 20
Lynne Gingell 3:11:53 1st Oakley 20
Fiona Bell 3:11:53 1st Oakley 20
David Prior 3:12:21 1st Oakley 20
Peter Gillott 3:15:02 1st Oakley 20
Bill Morant 3:16:17 1st Oakley 20
Peter Pack 3:17:26 1st Oakley 20
Andrea Ranson 3:17:29  
Rachel Burrage 3:23:50 1st Oakley 20
Lydia Barford 3:26:12  
Suet Lua 3:26:43  

28 Harriers ran in the Oakley 20. The first to finish was Adam Hills in 2:27:00. An excellent performance by Adam who was running in his first Oakley 20. Also finishing in under two hours 30 mins were Richard Piron and Tony Parello both of whom are in training for the Opel Ironman in Germany on the 10th July. The first lady Harrier to finish was Carla Fisher in 2:39:37. Carla was running in her first Oakley 20. The second lady Harrier was Deirdre Bethune in 2:43:23 followed by Nora Haggart in 2:55:50. This was also Nora's first Oakley 20.

Among the Harriers who improved their time over previous Oakley 20s was Gary Horsman who clipped around 1 min 19 secs off his 2004 run in 2:44:26. Harriers running in their first Oakley 20 included Ian Goodwin (2:34:48), Kevin McPhillips (2:37:31), Dennis Hone (2:46:53), Peter Quigley (2:50:36), Bruce Mehew (2:59:44), Janet Lehain (3:04:04), Lynne Gingell  (3:11:53), Fiona Bell (3:11:53),  David Prior (3:12:21), Peter Gillott (3:15:02), Bill Morant (3:16:17), Peter Pack (3:17:26) and  Rachel Burrage (3:23:50).

If anyone else ran their first Oakley 20 and is not mentioned or improved their times over previous years, let's know at hello@bedfordharriers.co.uk

Phil Gray reports on the day:

'Oakley began early on Saturday 19 March and was reaching a conclusion mid-afternoon on Sunday 20 March. It was a real roller coaster as I and a lot of other people appear to have spent most of the weekend at Lincroft Middle School. It takes of a lot of work for all concerned as runners prepared for the start at 10am. Almost 600 in total for both races as Richard Hales got proceedings underway, while I addressed my role as Fun Run Manager. Co-ordinating with Kevin, the 1 Mile event got underway at 10.23 ish and all participating enjoyed a medal and a KitKat at the finish. Good to see so many Harriers participating in the main event and all concerned welcomed refreshments provided by Zoe and Co. A major thanks to all who gave up part or all of their weekend to make the whole thing possible and not forgetting the three extremely wise men in the guise of Brian Mccallen, Steve Crane and Kevin Willett. Yours truly welcomed a hot bath and meal in that order. Phew!'

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