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Wolverton 5
24th November 2007

Adam's photos : Malcolm's photos

Please note: Due to possible inaccuracies in some of the chip times at Wolverton, the gun times will be used as the official times.


Official Results

  Gun Time Chip
Donna McEwen 29:19 29:11 2nd lady, pb club best time
Justin Openshaw 31:17 31:17  
Bob Wells 31:33 31:12 2nd MV60
Tony Barnes 32:01 32:01  
Jason Goodman 32:31 32:15  
Renee Corbett 32:47 32:31  
Joe Horsman 33:55 33:40  
Kathy Horsman 34:29 34:11 2nd LV45
Andy Purdy 34:44 34:27 pb
Sarah Lee 35:03 34:47 3rd LV35, pb
Richard Watson 35:13 34:50 pb
Nora Haggart 36:21 36:21 2nd LV50, pb, club best time
Amanda Friman 38:03 37:35  
Alex Rothwell 38:27 37:52  
Keith Gray 38:32 38:07  
Bill Billington 40:09 39:34 1st MV70
Karen Robertson 41:12 40:37  
David Sutcliffe 42:14 42:14 2nd MV70
Sandra Cope 50:15 49:39  
David Cope 50:15 49:39  

David Sutcliffe reports of the race:

A freezing temperature with biting winds from across the Willan Lakes would not normally make for fast running times.  However Donna's current form is such that Anna Berrill's club record of 29:32, set as it happens at Wolverton in much more congenial conditions in 2001, was eclipsed by a comfortable 13 seconds, Donna finishing second to Amy Waterhouse, a very good runner from Sale Harriers, who rank amongst the top UK clubs.
Nora Haggart the showed that two demanding Marathons can be an excellent build-up for sharper events, running 36:21, clipping 23 seconds off the Harriers 50+ best time, held previously by Teresa Munns. The Ladies' contest also featured another very good performance by Renee Corbett, and a second place 45+ team score against strong opposition, by Kathy Horsman, Sara Lee and Nora.

Amongst the men, Bill Billington celebrated his M70 elevation by winning this age group in 39:34 and being awarded a kit voucher for a company believed to be in Stoke-on-Trent, while Bob Wells was the 2nd MV60 to finish after  John Exley of Oxford City, an international and former rival during Bob's running career in that area, who ran under 30min. Special praise is due for all 20 Harriers who tackled this race, which also featured an almost total absence of facilities e.g for changing and providing liquid refreshment from any source.

My thanks to everyone for an entertaining day, and particularly to Malcom, Adam and other supporters present for their vocal encouragement.
David Sutcliffe

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