Althorp Duathlon
18th October

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Official Result

Sprint   Run Cycle Run Total  
  Alastair Fadden 24:28 41:42 25:59 1:34:15  
  Helen Woolley 28:44 44:31 31:24 1:48:00  
  Samantha Baylis 28:59 1:00:41 32:20 2:04:10  
  Tony Jones 30:56 54:33 33:58 2:04:11  
  Jeanette Cheetham 32:59 1:00:27 33:19 2:10:05  
Standard   Run Cycle Run Total  
  Andrew Robertson 49:28 01:25:17 29:23 2:46:41 3rd in Age Category
  Nora Haggart 49:47 01:29:27 30:15 2:52:33 2nd in Age Category
  Chris Capps 54:41 01:28:59 35:24 3:02:24  


Althorp should have been my third duathlon, however events conspired against me so it was my first, and straight into a standard event of 10k run, 40k cycle and 5k run.  The actual was 10.5k run, a cycle more than 40k (not sure how much) then a 5.9k run.  For those that know Northamptonshire it was a little undulating.

Arrived way too early for registration to a damping, mild but blustery day and found fellow Harriers who were also doing their first duathlons and those who were ‘old hands’.

The 10k was on road and off road, with no km markers and for me no garmin, it died when I put it on, and while I thought my 10k time was measured , it was a little slower than I wanted in 54:41 mins.  Into transition for the cycle, which was part of a sheep field with loads of sheep poo, and onto the bike for 2 laps which I found fine, however I may have done too much on the first circuit so had to work very hard on the second in 1:28:59.  One section was particularly muddy, a downhill section with bends keeping speeds down.

Into final; transition and off for the 5k run (5.9k) and by then my hydration and food was perhaps a little lacking so was tired and the thought of a further 5.9k was daunting.  However did it, albeit a little slower than I wanted in 35:24 mins. 

I did the whole even in 3:02:48 and for the future,’s to the next duathlon.

Chris Capps