Bedfordshire XC Championships
4th January 2014


Official Results

Senior & Vets Ladies -  8k    
Anna Folland 30.30 2nd,1st LV40, 1st Ladies Team (SL & Vs)
Gill Fullen 30.36 3rd,1st LV45, 1st Ladies Team (SL & Vs)
Sally Cartwright 32.31 5th, 2nd LV45, 1st Ladies Team (SL & Vs)
Kirstie Meeten 33.05 7th, 2nd LV35, 3rd Ladies Team (SL & Vs)
Sally Johnston 35.28 14th, 3rd LV45, 3rd Ladies Team (SL & Vs)
Larissa Clarke 40.31 29th,3rd Ladies Vets Team (SL & Vs)
Sarah Wanden 41.02 30th
Senior & Vets Men -  11k    
Adam Mills  39.16 10th, 2nd MV40, 4th Mens Vets Team
Gary Finch 44.17 28th,2nd MV45, 4th Mens Vets Team
David Sharman 45.23 31st
Andrew Palombella 46.05 32nd
Eddie Lawley 46.17 36th
Alastair Fadden 46.19 37th, 4th Mens Vets Team
James Dunn  51.36 61st, 4th Mens Vets Team
Graham Short 53.39 70th, 4th Mens Vets Team
Chris Fadden 58.34 79th, 4th Mens Vets Team
Steve Crane 59.20 81st
Steve Ball 62.53 86th


Race Report:

This was a Saturday afternoon race after heavy rain so before we got there we knew it would be a complete mudfest - but that's what XC is all about yes?

We ran an 8k course with differing laps under grey skies with some rain, the mud was fairly deep and some of the puddles were hard to gauge the depth of.

A decent turnout of Harriers and some good results

Refreshments and showers (both inside and outside) available afterwards, and some nice marshals along the course.




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