3-Counties XC at Leighton (Race3/5)

29th November 2015

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3 Counties Cross Country Wing 29-11-15

Race Report

51 Harriers turned up for Wing XC on Sunday. Well done to all those who turned out to brave a dastardly gale at Wing and run the 5 mile, not so muddy course.

What a fantastic result from the Harriers - The men were 1st with 122 points and ladies 1st with 25.
1st overall combined, moving us into

1st position in the League after the first 3 races.

An excellent mornings run - well done to everybody!!

Menís scoring team
Christopher Dilley 9, Ian Hammett 11, Philip Jamieson 12, Danny Winn 14, Pete Graham 15, Gary Finch 27, Tony Barnes 34.

Ladies scoring team
Anna Folland 3, Kirstie Meeten 10, Sally Cartwright 12.

Ampthill's men were 4th, so our Men have moved into 1st place and our Ladies into 3rd after 3 races! Our combined team is 1st!!! Same points as Ampthill, but our total score is 22 points less.

Also very importantly Ampthill's 5th, 6th and 7th scorers were 64th, 65th and 69th so David Course, Kevin Shelton-Smith, Andy P, Dave Sharman and Neil Lovesey all displaced the Ampthill guys and cost them an additional 15 places!! With us both tied on league points this puts us in the lead on scoring places!

Bedford                       34 Points          537 Total score

Ampthill                      34 Points          559 Total score

Wellingborough           29 Points          851 Total score

North Herts                  27 Points          864 Total score

So well done to you guys, this highlights the need to field strong runners beyond the scoring 7. We need you all to turn up and run both men and ladies!!

WE NEED TO KEEP UP THE STRONG PERFORMANCES - Maybe we can finish top at the end of the season beating Ampthill & Flitwick for the first time. I'm sure they will be fielding a strong team at Standalone, so we need a very good turnout!

The list is up for Standalone on December 20th - so get your names down - we need to give the correct number for catering and helps with the paper work!

G Finch & A Kay

Team Management


-Harriers Scoring Team-

Chris Dilley 9 Anna Folland 3
Ian Hammett 11 Kirstie Meeten 10
Phillip Jamieson 12 Sally Cartwright 12
Danny Winn 14 Total 25
Pete Graham 15    
Gary Finch 27    
Tony Barnes 34    
Total 122 Overall Total 147

-Harriers Race Positions-

Chris Dilley 9
Ian Hammett 11
Phillip Jamieson 12
Danny Winn 14
Pete Graham 15
Gary Finch 27
Tony Barnes 34
David Course 37
Anna Folland 3
Kevin Shelton Smith 52
Andrew Palombella 55
Kirstie Meeten 10
David Sharman 60
Neil Lovesey 63
Sally Cartwright 12
David Elliot 94
Stuart Knight 115
Stephen James 119
Graham Short 127
Chris Capps 130
Robert Wallis 136
John Elworthy 134
Veronica Singleton Lawley 34
Mark Taggart 137
Beverley Tredget 45
George Murphy 146
Richard Watson 151
Mark Tinkler 152
Sarah Wanden 56
Chris Fadden 164
Jeanette Cheetham 63
Jacinta Horne 68
Diane Wallis 75
Richard Gallivan 177
Eva Kovacs 78
Elaine Reynolds 79
Lesley Gaunt 81
Claire Adamson 82
Sally Ingram 83
Kim Patrick 84
Michelle Fadden 85
Jenny King 86
Jack Chana 182
Anne Adamson 90
Angela Kay 100
Tracey Thompson 102
Sue Pack 105
Ria Greenwood 106
Sylvia Snowling 108
Lorena Henderson 112
Angela Gallivan 113