Oakley 20
28th March 2004


Official Results

02:18:42 BARNARD, Michael
02:22:02 SEWELL, Andrew
02:28:27 DOWNES, Henry
02:31:03 MORRISON, Derek
02:32:20 SINGLETON, Veronica
02:34:10 ROGERS, Cathy
02:35:31 SHEARER, John
02:40:15 NANDHA, Suki
02:41:21 BILLINGTON, Mark
02:42:04 GODFREY, Neil
02:44:12 ROTHWELL, Alex
02:44:59 WILLIAMS, Chris
02:45:45 HORSMAN, Gary
02:48:29 HEMPSTEAD, Charlie
02:49:26 KILGOUR, Viv
02:50:45 INSKIP, Michael
02:51:25 HERINCX, David
02:51:56 BETHUNE, Deirdre
02:53:38 HONE, Dennis
02:56:34 CHANA, Jaswant
02:57:24 CAPPS, Christopher
02:59:13 WHITEMAN, Richard
03:05:57 KINGSTONE, Ian
03:06:00 LAKE, Andrew
03:06:39 BULLARD, Stuart James
03:08:01 BALLANTYNE, John
03:18:00 CHANA, Piara
03:27:00 LAKIN, Keith

Phil Gray reports on the day:

it all began at about 8.20am for me when david gallagher picked me up to begin another day in the village of oakley. why you might ask? a little matter of the oakley races - two in fact. one of 12 miles duration and one of 20.  portaloos were a priority for some, so jack chana, i and a friend moved them to a more visible location as start time approached. chaotic at times as a stream of traffic began filing down station road. this would soon reduce to an orderly trickle. kevin looked composed as he handed over to richard hales and co to get the race underway. i located at the start as the 2004 oakley races exploded into a high gear at 10am. a sea of colours left the village of oakley behind to address either 12 or 20 miles.  final figures suggest over 800 runners participating today. runners from around the region and beyond including stroud in gloucestershire, rrc in surrey and serpentine in london to name but three and one ex-england manager in the guise of graham taylor - using this in preparation for the london marathon in april. minutes ticked away as my camera captured so many harriers in action - with mike and andy leading harriers home in the 20 mile race. well done to all harriers who went the distance on the day and to all those who gave up there time to marshal. what a joyous sight as the last runner appeared in front of the sweep vehicle. an incredible atmosphere in evidence throughout the race and it was nice to hear the word 'thanks' more than once from happy runners who made their way home. thanks to all who made this possible. a special mention for all those who spent time ensuring the success of this race in the guise of kevin willett, brian mccallen, martin lambourne, steve crane and too many more to mention. a sigh of relief as i opened the door of my bungalow and collapsed in a heap. oakley 2004 done and dusted. what next? '

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