Watford Half Marathon
1st February 2004


Official Results

Tony Dadd 1:19:15 (30th) pb: 3 mins
Mike Barnard 1:27:35  
Chris Proud 1:36:19  
Graham Short 1:39:12  
Henry Downes 1:39:46  
Chris Williams 1:42:29  
Alex Rothwell 1:44:05  
David Russell 1:44:16  
Charlie Hempstead 1:44:32  
David Pratt 1:49:01  
Bill Billington 1:54:58  
Mark Billington 1:54:59  
Jack Chana 2:01:06  
Suet Lua 2:06:50  

Jude Cottam


Fifteen Harriers, a number of whom are doing London, ran at Watford. The first Harrier to finish and the 30th overall from a field of over 1,700 was Tony Dadd in 1:19:15. Tony, who intends to run in both the Rotterdam and London marathons in April, improved his previous best for the distance by almost three minutes. The second Harrier to finish was Mike Barnard in 1:27:35. Mike will also be running his first London marathon in April. The third Harrier to finish was Chris Proud in 1:36:19 followed by Graham Short and Henry Downes in 1:39:12 and 1:39:46 respectively. Henry is  running at London as are Chris Williams, Mark Billington, Jack Chana and Jude Cottam. The other Harriers at Watford were Alex Rothwell, Dave Russell, Charlie Hempstead, David Pratt, Bill Billington and Suet Lua.

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