The London Marathon
17th April 2005

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  Own Time Official Time  
Graham King   2:54:34

pb: Club best time

Tony Parello   3:09:44  
Ian Goodwin   3:38:39  
Gary Horsman   3:39:13 pb: 5 mins
Carla Fisher   3:39:22  
Cliff Smith 3:40:00    
Dennis Hone   3:44:52 pb
Jim Gannon   3:45:44

pb: 12 mins 36 secs

Deirdre Bethune   3:53:41 Club best time
Nora Haggart   4:03:44 pb
Mark Holland   4:07:26


Gary Fuller 4:08:00    
Vic Byer   4:09:04  
Chris Cottam   4:09:18  
Steve Crane   4:10:05 1st marathon
Lynne Gingell   4:12:36 pb: 30mins mins
Fiona Bell   4:12:36 1st marathon
Chris Capps   4:13:32  
Ken Toye   4:14:54  
Mick Inskip   4:16:45  
Suet Lua   4:21:21

pb: 6 mins 9 secs

Peter Gillott   4:21:41 1st marathon
Jonathan Rook   4:24:19 1st marathon
Andrea Ranson   4:26:03


Bill Morant   4:32:07  
Bruce Mehew   4:38:24  
David Prior   4:39:17 1st marathon
Peter Pack   4:40:40  
Nyree Hone   4:41:54 1st marathon
Larry Corkery   5:03:39 New club best time
Rachel Bridger   5:13:58 1st marathon
Angela Gallivan   6:10:17 1st marathon
Christine Greaves   6:30:46 1st marathon
Nicola Linford   7:14:06 1st marathon

There were some excellent performances by the Harriers at London including three new club best times and many pb's. Quite a few Harriers also completed their first races over the distance.

The three club best times were set by Graham King in the MV50 category,  Deirdre Bethune in the LV55 section and Larry Corkery in the MV65. Graham's time of 2:54:34 was the first occasion he has finished in under three hours. An absolutely tremendous achievement especially as Graham was being troubled by a foot injury. Deirdre's run included a half marathon pb of 1:47:38 and a full marathon pb of 3:53:41. Larry finished the race in 5:03:39 and was also highly commendable due to a number of recent injuries suffered.

Among those getting pb's were Gary Horsman who improved his by 5 mins to 3:39:13, Dennis Hone  who ran 3:44:52, Jim Gannon who knocked 12 mins 36 secs of his previous best with 3:45:44, Nora Haggart finished in 4:03:44, Mark Holland who ran 4:07:26, Lynne Gingell who clipped 30 mins off her previous best to run 4:12:36, Suet Lua who improved her previous best by 6 mins to 4:21:21 and Andrea Ranson who ran her best marathon to date in 4:26:03.

Well done also to those running their first marathons. The list includes Steve Crane (4:10:05), Fiona Bell (4:12:36), Peter Gillott (4:21:41), Jonathan Rook (4:42:19), David Prior (4:39:17), Nyree Hone (4:41:54), Rachel Bridger (5:13:58), Angela Gallivan (6:10:17), Christine Greaves (6:30:46) and Nicola Linford (7:14:06).

Veronica Singleton running for her first claim club - Les Croupiers - finished in 3:35:36