Bedford Harriers A.C.





Flitwick 10K
20th April 2008


Official Result

Matt Burgin 39 :10  
Jose Ariza  39 :38  
Tony Barnes 40 :26  
Jason Goodman 40 :32  
Justin Openshaw 41 :13  
Gary Butler 42 :44 pb
James Dunn 43 :03  
Geoff Cooper 44 :40  
Ian Marshall 44 :46  
Dave Roberts 44 :49 pb
Louise Wright 45:02 pb
Alan Shillitoe 45 :19  
Kevin White 45 :43  
Mark Holland 46 :50 pb
David Girling 47 :29  
Alison Cooper 47 :42  
David Piegaze 48 :23 pb
Amanda Friman 48 :28  
Bill Billington 49 :21  
Russell Lambert 49 :55  
Michael Cheverall 52 :13  
David Guerin 52 :29  
Tom Brassington 53 :30  
David Prior 53 :27  
Roger Ward 54 :56  
Jack Chana 55 :49  
Jeannette Cheetham 55 :53  
Alistair Gould 56 :33  
Lynne Christison 56 :36 pb
Larry Corkrey 57 :24  
Lisa Donovan 60 :30  
Judith Prior 62 :22  
Sandra Cope 63 :12  
David Cope 63 :57  
Roger Sewell 65:06  
Wendy Harvey 66 :05  
Susan Farr 66 :07  
Jill Girling 66 :13  
Steve Clark 66 :41  
Iva Barr 78 :01 club best time

Ampthill and Flitwick 'raised their stakes' by upping their entry limit of 1000 runners and 'got it right' when they had to close their list just two days before the race. In the event 871 finished in a well organised race, albeit with rather limited facilities. Mens race was won by Owen Matthews (Beds & Co) in 31m 57s with clubmate Matt Janes second, but with the top team being Ampthill & Flitwick.Tracey Ranson (Springfield Striders) won the Ladies in 38m 16s, Biggleswade taking the team award.
The undulating Flitwick course, especially the testing 9th kilometre, has never been deemed an easy run, but each of the 38 Harriers present, completed the course with purpose. With the 'London'  taking priority just a week ago, contesting the leading team positions was not really on the agenda, but as the team and individual results show, this was an opportunity for the Club's 'middle order' runners to head up the Harriers effort. Special mention here for Matt Holland, Jack Chana and Iva Barr who all ran with inspiration so soon after their London performances. Bedfordshire held their County Championships in conjunction and amongst these Amanda Friman took second place in the Ladies Vet 50 section - well done Amanda.
Scrutiny of the Ampthill & Flitwick website will show the results in minute detail - including 'age-graded' scores, perhaps a source of bewilderment to some, but a real guide measuring performance in relation to age. Today's results show that Bil Billington, Matt Burgin, Amanda Friman and Tony Barnes (first time for five years he says) all beat the 70% 'gold' standard, while Gary Butler and Geoff Cooper made the 65% 'Silver' standard and Iva, Dave Prior, Dave Roberts and recent (?) Harriers Russell Lambert and Michael Cheverall all hit the 60% 'bronze' standard.
There were no doubt quite a few 'PB's' achieved, but I'll leave these for the website management to spot and add in. If you ran a PB and find it is not shown, please  email - also of course if you ran and your name has been missed out.
Well run EVERYONE - and my thanks for a splendid morning's entertainment!

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