Flitwick 10k
19th April

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Official Results

Peter Maddock 38:01  
Tony Barnes 38:27 1st MV50
Rebecca Maddock 39:28 1st Lady
David Roberts 40:47  
Aaron Donohoe 42:34  
Morris Dempster 44:40  
Steve Gaunt 48:10  
John Haggerwood 48:52  
Lisa Chapple 49:11  
Charlie Hempstead 49:10  
Gary Moore 49:34  
Rachel Cameron 49:57  
Sarah Wanden 50:18  
Sarah Relton 51:07  
Sheila Humphries 51:40  
Robin Fiander 52:03  
Nigel Dix 52:44  
George Murphy 52:50  
Noel Jones 54:42  
Alison Barratt 54:25  
Richard Gallivan 55:07  
Jackie Keenan 55:04  
George Baxter 55:56  
Sally Ingram 56:48  
Elaine Reynolds 57:05  
Claire Adamson 57:16  
Sue Pyecroft 57:31  
Rachel Cooke 58:54  
Grace Dial 58:40  
Anne Adamson 58:50  
Lesley Gaunt 59:04  
Kelly Swannell 1:00:25  
Jack Chana 1:00:21  
Ian Sturdgess 1:00:48  
Sylvia Jones 1:00:49  
Sylvia Snowling 1:01:45  
Carole Darnell 1:02:05  
Chris Cottam 1:05:59  
Lee Clarke 1:11:13  
Angela Gallivan 1:14:00  

Race report - Flitwick 10k 

Nice to not have to worry about dashing out of the door at the crack of dawn today as it was the lovely local Flitwick 10k, just ten minutes up the road. 

Arriving to a very well organised race HQ I collected my number and spent a while rounding up all the available Harriers for a quick snap. Soon we were on the start line, it looked pretty busy and was a short while before I crossed the start line. My legs felts super heavy for the first few hundred yards and then, as if by magic they decided to cooperate, I used this to my advantage and sped up for as long as they would allow. The course included several lumpy hills which I was determined to not let me slow down, but alas they did, my counter measure was to fling myself down the down hill parts which I find evens out the pace! Annoyingly at 7k my shoelace came undone, stopping to tie it must have cost me a good ten minutes.

The marshalling was expertly carried out by a huge turnout of Flyers all screaming and shouting - wonderful. Somehow my Garmin was measuring miles, which makes no sense to me so I ignored it until 9km and then looked to see I was doing pretty well for me. I pushed it hard to the end and got a seasons best of 50.18, 30 secs off my pb and 8/76 in my age category. Quite a few were talking of PB's so I'm looking forward to reading and hearing about them. Results were texted before I even got to my phone, we got water and a banana and a nice gym towel as a mementoe.

A great little race perfectly executed by our local running friends. Big thanks to the lovely AFF.