Cranfield 5k
9th July 2004


Official Result

Kevin Willett 17:03

1st MV40

Tony Dadd 17:13 PB 7 secs
Alistair Fadden 18:21  
Neil Lovesey 18:32  
Rob Miller 18:43  
Tony Barnes 18:46  
Andrew Moore 18:52  
Chris Proud 18:59

1st MV55

Paul Roberts 18:59  
John Shearer 19:05  
Martin Leach 19:17

MV60 Club best time

Graham Short 19:24 PB 37 secs
Mike Barnard 19:36  
Michael De Cesare 19:48  
Adam Hills 19:48  
Steve Gaunt 19:48  
Henry Downes 19:55  
Derek Morrison 20:14  
David Herincx 20:22 PB
Steve Daniels 20:35  
David Holt 20:42  
Peter Campbell 20:46  
Emily Woodfield 20:47  
Chris Williams 21:19  
Chris Capps 21:28  
Alex Rothwell 21:30  
Gary Horsman 21:30  
Gary Fuller 21:37  
Viv Kilgour 21:37  
Colin Gipson 21:37  
Jenny Lovesey 21:45  
Paul Brown 21:49  
Bruce Mehew 22:02  
Donna McEwen 22:10

PB: 47 secs

Bill Billington 22:16

MV65 Club best time

Steven Wallace 22:20  
Janet Lehain 22:46  
Steve Clark 22:47  
Norman Beckwith 23:02  
David Russell 23:09  
Jack Chana 23:12  
Paul Kent 23:27  
Lesley Barnes 23:31  
Elaine Munday 23:31  
Stephen Ball 23:50  
Larry Corkery 24:32  
Ian Kingston 24:37  
Dennis Hone 25:02  
Paul Rayner 25:23  
Zoe Willett 25:31  
Lydia Swift 25:35  
Nyree Hone 27:46  
Kevin McCulley 27:50  
Claire Payne 27:51  
Jane Sizer 28:09  
Barry West 28:19  
Debbie Gilbert 29:13  
Val Bird 29:20  
Barbara North 29:34  
Paula Hollowell 30:14  
Maria McBeth 30:49  
Norma King 31:04  
Jeanette Cheetham 31:22  
Sarah Thurman 31:22  
Sarah Maddison 31:49  
Lynn Short 32:27

PB: 3 mins 19 secs

Paul Hudson 38:59  

67 Harriers ran in the Cranfield 5k, the largest turnout by the club for a race so far this year. Cranfield is a fast course and a number of Harriers achieved good times and ran pb's. Cranfield is also the club's 5k championship race.

The first Harrier to finish and the 1st MV40 overall on the night was Kevin Willett in 17:03. Kevin has now won the club's 5k championship at Cranfield in four of the last five years. The second Harrier to finish was Tony Dadd in 17:13. Tony's run was a pb by seven secs. The third Harrier to cross the line was Alistair Fadden in 18:21.

The first lady Harrier to finish was Emily Woodfield in 20:47. It was the first time Emily had run at Cranfield. The second lady Harrier was Viv Kilgour in 21:37 followed by Jenny Lovesey in 21:45.

The Harriers vets performed particularly well with Chris Proud, who is producing some excellent runs at present, being the 1st MV55 to finish in 18:59.  Chris won the M55 by 7 sec from Tony Simmons of Luton, who in the 1976 Montreal Olympics took 4th place behind bronze medallist Brendon Foster in the 10k. [Chris was also just seven seconds short of Martin Leach's club best]. 

Also running well were Martin Leach whose 19:17 was a new MV60 club best time and Bill Billington, who clipped 4 secs off the Club MV65 best!  Bill was the 1st MV65 at Cranfield, but as Cranfield does doesn't present prizes for age categories over 55+, Bill left empty handed as did Martin who would have won the MV60 prize.

Among the Harriers who got new pb's (and that we know about) were Graham Short (19:24), David Herincx (20:22), Donna McEwen (22:10) and Lynn Short (32:27). Quite a few Harriers also improved their times over Cranfield 2003 including Tony Barnes (18:46), Andrew Moore (18:52), Paul Roberts (18:59), Mike Barnard (19:36), Derek Morrison (20:14), Alex Rothwell (21:30), Bill Billington (22:16), Larry Corkery (24:32) and Paula Hollowell (30:14).

Well done also to those Harriers who ran their first race for the club. Included here are Adam Hills (19:48), Steven Wallace (22:20), Paul Rayner (25:23), Kevin McCulley (27:50), Debbie Gilbert (29:13), Maria McBeth (30:49), Sarah Thurman (31:22) and Sarah Maddison (31:49).

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